Why Aren’t We Marching?

By Lynn Woolley

We should be marching in the streets. As if Bush wasn’t bad enough – and Clinton before him – President Barrack Obama has taken this country to new lows. But this time, it’s serious – much more serious. Obama is not a simple liberal with stupid ideas on how to change the country; Obama is on a mission to destroy everything this country stands for.

Don’t expect the Congress to save us. It’s not that we don’t have good members in the House and Senate; we do. But the vast majority of Democrats in Congress are as anti-American as Obama and his henchmen. The vast majority of Republicans are either too dumb to realize what’s happening, or they play along for the sake of their political careers.

If America is going to be saved, you and I have to do it. We have to take a stand. We have to scream and yell and get our pitchforks out and march and grab our members of Congress by the shoulders and shake them. There are a few members we can, for the most part, exempt: Trey Gowdy, Louis Ghomert, Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz. Especially Ted Cruz. Cruz is not caving to political correctness or to the liberal agenda.

It’s not just one or two things that threaten this country; it’s a preponderance of things. And it’s not just liberal Democrats. It’s any politically correct politician or organization. It’s social movements that are getting traction under Obama. It’s that “up” is now “down” and “right” is now “wrong.” The grass is blue and the sky is green and people just go about their business whistling a happy tune.

Wake up, dammit! Somebody has to say these things so it might as well be me. Let’s roll:

  • The Obama scandals are the tip of the iceberg. Look, we’ve already had “Fast & Furious” in which our own government ran guns to drug cartels. And we’ve had “Solyndra” where our petroleum-hating administration wasted millions on failed alternative energy schemes. Nobody marched in the streets. So now we’ve got the government spying on us all, and using the IRS to punish political enemies and suppress the vote, and intimidating journalists. No one is marching. Even with regard to Benghazi, where the administration formulated outright lies to cover incompetence in the deaths of four Americans, no one marched in the streets.
  • Our news media are worthless. The “press” is given a special place in the First Amendment, and with that protection, is obligated to cover the news and tell the American people the truth. And yet, the mainstream networks went weeks with no mention of the scandals even after it was impossible to deny they existed. We had an “adversary press” during the Bush years, but with Obama in power, we have lapdogs. It’s worse at the local level. While there are still some outstanding local newspapers and TV news operations, most have dissipated into the fog of media consolidation where saving money is more important than serving the public. A TV anchor told me recently that the evening newscasts on many network affiliates are now mostly “self-help” broadcasts. Maybe we’re not marching because we’re not being told what we need to know.
  • President Obama is a socialist and does not love this country. Nothing says “socialism” quite like Obamacare. Of course, a complete takeover of the nation’s healthcare system has been the liberal wet dream for generations. Obama got it done without a single Republican vote and exponentially increased the power of the federal government, which is a major goal of his administration. “If Congress won’t act, I will,” has been a favorite threat. Screw due process. Screw the Constitution. Barack Obama will do as he pleases as he morphs the country into a more Marxist style of governance. And yet we do not march.
  • Obamacare will make healthcare more expensive, less available, and will empower the government. Presidents and members of Congress will get their Cadillac healthcare and that’s what’s important. The little people (that’s you and me) can eat cake. So far the Orwellian-named “Affordable Healthcare Act” has caused a steep rise in the cost of healthcare and insurance and, by bringing in millions more people to the system, is sure to result in a major shortage of doctors. Healthcare has never been so expensive. Yet, our Republican-controlled House, where all revenue bills start, has done nothing to defund it. Tell me again why we are not marching in the streets?
  • There has never been anything worse for this country than “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Since we’re being blunt, let me tell you that we have some real ignoramuses as members of Congress and some of them are Republicans. This bill – now over 1,000 pages in the Senate version – is both anti American and anti Republican. You may have noticed how the Left – both in Congress and in the media – have counseled Republicans that they must change their stance or be relegated to third party status. While I’m sure the Left has only the best intentions for the Right, I disagree. This bill will result in thousands of people, mostly from Mexico, flooding into the United States to get jobs (which may not exist) and social services. They will vote for Santa Claus (Democrats) because they always do. Mexico will be ecstatic as will the next several Democratic Congresses – at least until we become Greece. And there are Republicans supporting this bill. We should be marching in the streets to stop it.
  • The multicultural agenda is literally killing us. Chalk up the Fort Hood jihad and the Boston Marathon bombing to multiculturalism, also known as diversity. Ah, yes, our strength is our diversity except when it gets us killed. We need an “assimilation agenda” before we reform immigration. Here it is: English immersion in our schools. Teach American exceptionalism in our history and civics classes. Stop the practice of birthright citizenship and of dual citizenship. Reform our colleges and universities and fire bleeding-heart professors who teach their classes to hate our country. All radio and TV outlets operating in the United States must devote 60 percent of their broadcast day to English language programming. And that’s just for starters. Or else we should march.
  • We must not be afraid to name our enemy. The Fort Hood massacre was not a “workplace violence” incident. It was jihad perpetrated by a Muslim who wanted to protect our enemy, the Taliban. The Boston bombings were carried out by two Muslim bothers. England and France have allowed political correctness to stand in the way of common sense with regard to immigration. Now, those countries are overrun by immigrants who hate them. The incident in England in which a soldier was beheaded on a London street was not a random act. It should also be a teaching moment. If Islam is a religion of peace, we’d better look at the definition of peace. Or we may have to march in the streets.
  • The homosexual agenda is not good for America. We’ve let this get slightly out of hand, haven’t we? Having little to run on, President Obama “evolved” on this issue. That is to say, one day he was not for same-sex marriage and the next day he was all in. The truth is, Obama never cared about it one way or the other; he needed an issue and he needed the homosexual constituency. Once Obama came “out” for gay causes, so did every other liberal. So just name off all the good and wholesome things that homosexuality will do for America – and then all the bad things. Let’s start with the bad: Terrible role models for the kids, prostate problems for men, the spread of AIDS and other diseases, and men look terrible in lipstick. The good? Obama picked up the gay vote. I already miss the Boy Scouts, but look forward to what will replace them. I will march in the streets with heterosexual boys who love their country any time.
  • The culture of death promoted by the radical feminist movement is destroying our values. What does America stand for if not for life? Yet we have twice elected the most radical pro-abortion president who’s ever run for office. Technology is showing us that babies in the womb are real, living human beings who are nothing less than our sons and daughters. Yet, the Mainstream Media was too busy to cover the most important trial of our time – that of Doctor Kermit Gosnell who brought home the atrocities of the abortion culture. President Obama ignored the trial too, and we did not march. Not even for our children.
  • Our government is too big and spends too much. Any argument here? Seventeen trillion in debt, and it’s never enough money for government! Our spending levels are unsustainable and most of us know it. Yet Obama wants to grow the government even more. We SHOULD be spending on roads and bridges and other things we need, but you know where the money goes? Entitlements. (Well, and to making Star Trek parodies for IRS field trips.) We either get weaned off at least some of the entitlements or that’s all we spend money on. No space program. No cure for cancer. No infrastructure. No nothing. It’s that simple. It’s not about austerity; it’s about common sense. Yet Greeks march in the streets to support spending money their government doesn’t have. We should march for the opposite reason.

Yes, but!

There is the matter of who will win on “The Voice” and “American Idol,” and the important question of whether Anne Frank would have been a “Belieber”. There are video games to play and I-Pods to download to and pro sports to watch and brackets to fill out.

There’s no time for the Founding Fathers, the men and women in uniform who protect our shores, the Constitution, the Holy Bible, Old Glory.

Our country is a little confused right now. We can’t seem to tell right from wrong and we’re not much sure that we care. Sure, we’ll care when our rights are taken away. You know, when government agencies are used to punish political enemies and our highest elected officials lie to us on a regular basis. We’ll care when our government becomes so big and bloated that it no longer relates to us or even cares what we think. When that day comes, we’ll get our pitchforks out and we’ll march. We’ll take a stand.

Won’t we?

Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based radio talk show host. Email him at [email protected].