Religious Tolerance in Chicago: Remove Pews from Chapel to make room for Muslims to pray

While Saudi Arabia has forbidden the existence of Christian churches on its land, the Bond Chapel, located at the University of Chicago, is going to extraordinary lengths to make less room for Christians and more room for Muslims… by removing pews.

Via Campus Reform:

Chicago NPR affiliate, WBEZ news, reported on May 23, the pews, which are now part of display at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago, were “removed in order to provide Muslim students a place to pray.”

Literature describing the artwork that was created by UC Director of Arts and Public Life Theaster Gates, also describes the removal of the pews as symbol of religious tolerance.

“The pews were recently removed from the chapel in order to offer Muslim students a place to pray, a symbolic gesture of religious tolerance,” according to an official description of the exhibit which includes a “set of repurposed pews from the University of Chicago’s campus church.”

Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia? Get the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning.

In typical dhimmi fashion, however, a UC spokesman appeared to avoid telling the truth about what was really going on:

“The benches were removed… to make Bond Chapel a more appropriate comfortable space for its many uses: ceremonial, spiritual, and artistic,” said Susie Allen.

Allen, however, said the primary purpose for the change, which was part of a broader renovation, was to “accommodate the installation of a Boroque-style organ.”

Oh, so the pews of a Christian chapel were removed and shipped to a museum to make way for an organ, is that it?

Psssst. Ms. Allen, perhaps you should tell the Muslim Student Association (MSA) on campus. They appear to be taking up the space reserved for that organ. The following can be found on page 10 of the ‘Complete Muslim’s Guide to UC Chicago’:

Bond Chapel (Jumu’ah Only) 1050 East 59th Street
Bond Chapel is where Friday prayers will be held once construction is over. It is located immediately next to Swift Hall and across from Cobb Hall. It faces the quads near the corner of 59th Street and Ellis Avenue.

It is truly amazing to see the Coexist crowd totally miss this blatant contrast.

They’re choosing to miss it. Period.


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