Memo to John Kerry: Anthony Weiner says ‘willing to answer any’ of Grassley’s questions about Huma Abedin

This is a bit of an update to a story we posted the other day about Senator Charles Grassley’s letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, in which Grassley wants answers to questions Huma Abedin’s work as a “special government employee”. Anthony Weiner, who is running for Mayor of New York says there should be no issue with getting Grassley those answers.

Via Huffington Post:

Abedin, the notoriously press-shy director of Clinton’s transition team, is the target of a probe initiated by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) into possible conflict between her work for the State Department and her private consulting, Politico reported.

“He’s got a right to ask what he’d like,” Weiner said Sunday of Grassley. “Huma has practically the most documented life in America. . . . We’ve got very transparent financial lives.”

He said his family is willing to answer any questions Grassley has, but that most queries should be directed to the State Department. He defended Abedin’s work broadly: “I’m very proud of her service and she’s certainly done everything as she’s supposed to.”

So Weiner and his wife are willing to “answer any questions” but that “most” of them should go to the State Department. That raises another question we’d like Mr. Weiner to answer: which questions are you willing to answer and which ones should go to the State Department?

Here is the entire list of Grassley’s questions for John Kerry about Huma Abedin (questions in bold are ones we’re particularly interested in seeing answered):

1. What was (were) Ms. Abedin’s official title(s) at the Department of State from June 2012 until February 2013?
2. When did Ms. Abedin change her status to “special government employee”?
3. What were Ms. Abedin’s official duties as Deputy Chief of Staff?
4. What were her duties as a “special government employee”?
5. What was the procedure in making such a change in title?
6. Who authorized the change in status of Ms. Abedin’s official title?
7. Who supervised Ms. Abedin once she assumed her position as a SGE?
8. What effect, if any, did the change have on her security clearance and her access to classified information?
9. Did Ms. Abedin continue to represent herself as the U.S. State Department Deputy Chief of Staff following her change to SGE?
10. Who replaced Ms. Abedin as Deputy Chief of Staff following her change to a special government employee?
11. Did Ms. Abedin complete ethics training that the United States Office of Government
Ethics intends for special government employees to complete? If so, when?
12. Who in the Department was aware of Ms. Abedin’s consulting activities?
13. For what companies, through Teneo, did Ms. Abedin consult?
14. What steps were taken to assure there would be no conflicts of interest between Ms. Abedin’s work with the State Department and any clients of Teneo with whom she consulted?
15. In what ways did the Department interact with the companies that Ms. Abedin
consulted for?
16. Following her transition, did Ms. Abedin use her official position at the U.S. Department of State to gain special access or attention from Government decisionmakers, which would be unavailable to the general public?
17. Was Ms. Abedin recused of any issues at the U.S. Department of State when she became a special government employee? If so, please list all recused issues.
18. In addition, please provide all records relating to communications between the State
Department and Teneo and the State Department and any clients or entities
represented by Teneo.

Since 10 of the 18 questions constitute “most”, we’d like to know if these are the questions Weiner would like to see go to the State Department. Then again, he did say he’d be “willing to answer any questions Grassley has”.

Perhaps Mr. Kerry could infer from Weiner’s comment that he should answer “any questions Grassley has”.

Another memo to Kerry: Senator Grassley wants the questions answered by June 27th.


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