Report: Sudan’s Hassan al-Turabi meets with Muslim Brotherhood leader in Doha, Qatar

Sudan’s Hassan al-Turabi is the guy credited with founding the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) that Malik Obama works for as an Executive Secretary. Turabi was also very close with the masterminds of each World Trade Center attack (the “Blind Sheikh” and Osama bin Laden). It now appears Turabi is meeting with Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader on the latter’s home turf in Doha, Qatar, which is also the home turf of Al Jazeera.

The reason for the visit seems to revolve around both Turabi’s interest in removing President Omar al-Bashir from power in North Sudan as well as turning South Sudan into part of a Jihadist state that should be absorbed by the rest of Sudan, despite that country voting nearly unanimously for independence from Islam. Oh, the reason Turabi wants al-Bashir removed from power? Well, apparently, the genocidal butcher of Sudan who is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity, isn’t Islamic enough.

Via South Sudan News:

Hassan al-Turabi – the spiritual guide of Sudan’s Islamists-Jihadists and the doyen of the global Jihadist trend since the early 1990′s – is in Doha, Qatar, to consult with Sheikh Youssuf al-Qaradawi – the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brothers and the entire Sunni Islamist trend.

The main subject of the consultations between Turabi and Qaradawi is how to return Sudan to its former role and glory as a leader of global Islamism-Jihadism. Both veteran luminaries of radical Sunni Islam are convinced that the aggregate impact of the Islamist surge throughout the Middle East under the guise of “Arab Spring” and the growing public discontent in Khartoum create unique and conducive circumstances for replacing the regime of Omar Hassan al-Bashir with an Islamist-Jihadist regime.

While in Doha, Turabi gave an extensive interview to Muhammad al-Makki Ahmad of the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper – one of the two most important Arabic newspapers that is owned by the Sudairi branch of the Saudi Royal Family. Hence the prominence given to the interview by Al-Hayat reflects the endorsement by the likes of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince.

That Turabi and Qaradawi are close is significant, in part, because the boss of President Obama’s half-brother – Malik – is a guy named Suar Al Dahab, who also has a cozy relationship with Qaradawi (and Hamas).

Al Dahab_Haniyeh_Qaradawi in Gaza in May of 2013

Al Dahab_Haniyeh_Qaradawi in Gaza in May of 2013