Audio: Saudi National Injured in Boston Marathon bombing interviewed / supported by Huma Abedin Defender?

Some may remember that after the Boston marathon bombing, a Saudi National named Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, who had been hospitalized after the blast, was identified as a ‘suspect’, then a ‘person of interest’, and then as a witness / innocent bystander. Walid wrote extensively about the Al-Harbi clan in Saudi Arabia.

Now, this Saudi National Al-Harbi has broken his silence via an interview with a woman named Amina Chaudary. As Diana West points out, in the interview, Chaudary pushes the narrative that there was no cause for alarm when it came to Al-Harbi; the DHS document which shows the Saudi National as being set for deportation under 212, 3B says otherwise, which all but torpedoes Chaudary’s credibility.

That leads us to – if you can believe it – former Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, who has extensive and irrefutable ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, through her family. When Rep. Michele Bachmann began getting attacked after naming Abedin in a letter to the State Department’s Deputy Inspector General, we began a list of Abedin’s defenders. When viewed in its totality, Republican Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio – along with House Speaker John Boehner – come off looking quite bad for being on that list.

You know who else is on that list?

A woman named Amina Chaudary, who made the list after publishing an article entitled, “We’re all Huma Abedins”. Guess what else? A woman with this very same name sat on the Board of the same Muslim Student Association (MSA) that Huma Abedin did – though at different times – at George Washington University (GWU). Here is our excerpt about Ms. Chaudary:

In an August 14th article entitled, “We’re all Huma Abedins,” Chaudary defaulted to the inapplicable ‘guilt-by-association’ meme while referring to any claims against Abedin as being ‘baseless and unfounded’. As is the case with all of Abedin’s defenders, associations are ignored and the motives of those who highlight them are impugned. Incidentally, a woman named Amina Chaudary served on the Board of the Muslim Students Association at George Washington University (GWU), the same chapter at which Abedin served as a Board member. Is Chaudary’s defense of Huma a matter of MSA sorority sisters sticking together?

This brings us to another curious development. Ms. Chaudary also writes for the Huffington Post but the spelling of her last name is slightly altered and spelled “Chaudry”. Yet, in her interview with Al-Harbi, it’s spelled as she spells it elsewhere. We know this is the same person because at both the Huffington Post and at PRX, which is an organization with a 501(c)(3) status, by the way, she goes by the Username of TSAML (That’s Some American Muslim Life). Making slight alterations to their Arabic names is a trait of stealth Islamists (and overt ones for that matter). Interestingly, Ms. Chaudary’s byline at HuffPo only lists the Universities where she earned her masters degrees (Columbia and Harvard). It does not say where she received her Bachelor’s degree.

GWU perhaps?

Amina identified as ‘Chaudary’ at PRX for interview with Al-Harbi…

Amina 'Chaudary' at PRX

Amina ‘Chaudary’ at PRX

Amina identified as ‘Chaudry’ at Huffington Post…

Amina 'Chaudry' at HuffPo

Amina ‘Chaudry’ at HuffPo

Here is Chaudary’s / Chaudry’s interview with Al-Harbi, via PRX (h/t Diana West):

That ‘Chaudary’ / ‘Chaudry’ has gone on record as defending both Huma Abedin and Al-Harbi is an indictment of all three (or four) people.

As West reminds us, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano admitted that Al-Harbi was on a watchlist while magically also claiming he wasn’t:


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