American Christian Attitude Towards Gays

By Walid Shoebat

My Q and A with a hypothetical, homosexual apologist…

Hypothetical homosexual apologist: A two-part question, if I might. If a homosexual accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, would this person be forgiven? Assuming this person turned his / her life around and never engaged in homosexual behavior again, would he / she be in the kingdom of God?

Me: I learned long ago that it’s best to answer a question with a Jesus-style question. If Muslim terrorists came to your neighborhood, after which they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and extinguished their desire to kill you, would this person be forgiven? I presume your answer would be YES.

Now, since not all terrorists will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, would you then like to take a chance, having them stick around your neighborhood while you hope that someday they do accept Jesus?

How about child molesters? Drug pushers? Gangs?

After all, they all need Jesus.

How about we welcome the whole enchilada into your neighborhood – terrorists, child molesters, drug pushers, gangs, and to top it all some Charles Manson-style psychopaths who just came out of prison?

After all, some might accept Jesus, right?

Hypothetical homosexual apologist: But gays are nice.

Me: O I see. Gays are nice? Well, here is an example of what you would be dealing with when you witness to a Homosexual Community:

There are only two ways to deal with Gays, your Western Method which you just reviewed, Or the Russian Method:

Me: Anymore questions?


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