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Where are the Egyptians Libyan Document says were arrested over Benghazi?

In our recent report, Ironclad: Egypt involved in Benghazi attacks, we made reference to and posted an image of a Libyan Intelligence document penned on 9/15/12. The document implicated Mohammed Mursi, then president of Egypt, and Ansar al-Sharia Egypt, along with several members of that terrorist cell. What we have done is updated that post […]

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Democrats belong to Party of Satan

If you’re a Democrat, you belong to the Party of Satan (not an endorsement of the Republican Party). Over the last couple of weeks, the Texas State Capitol has become ground zero in an extremely spirited debate about whether it should be legal to sacrifice babies on the devil’s altar. As time was running out […]

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Egyptians Protest Obama outside U.S. Embassy in Cairo

A group of angry Egyptians – to include anti-Mursi Muslims, Christians, and secularists – assembled outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo to protest Barack Obama’s support for terrorists. We’re particularly fond of their depiction of U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Paterson: h/t WZ

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Benghazi, Egypt, and that Innocence of Muslims Video

When it comes to the Benghazi attacks, the evidence against Egypt and its former president Mohammed Mursi is overwhelming. Based on that newly discovered reality that the Obama administration must have known, the administration didn’t just cover up for Ansar al-Sharia; it covered for Mursi too. Not only did it cover up for Mursi but […]

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