Archive | July 1, 2013

Obama Administration not criticizing Egypt’s President Mursi over Protests

Not only has the Obama administration defended Mohammed Mursi’s regime in the wake of the Benghazi attacks that implicate Mursi personally but now Obama is refusing to criticize Mursi as millions of Egyptians demand Mursi’s ouster. Via a tweet by NBC’s Chuck Todd (h/t WZ): POTUS will not criticize Morsi specifically, says not U.S. Position […]

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Benghaz-IRS: Should David Petraeus and Lois Lerner be granted Immunity for their Testimony?

Two of the biggest scandals in the history of United States politics are both bubbling underneath the surface, each just waiting for one last torpedo to blow open the respective stonewalls. In the case of Benghazi, former C.I.A. Director David Petraeus may provide one of those torpedoes but he must be granted immunity as it […]

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