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Video: Pro-Mursi crowd may find Pallywood Tactics don’t do so well in Egypt

Pro-Mursi supporters have chosen the same old, tired course of action that Palestinians have been doing for decades – Pallywood tactics. In full view of cameras, these protesters do their part to portray the military as the powerful oppressors while portraying themselves as the repressed victims. They do so while provoking the military. Then they […]

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Turkey’s Erdogan outs himself as Racist (horse already knew)

If you’re a conservative, liberals think you’re a racist. If you turn on any mainstream media outlet, you will inevitably hear opinions or opinions disguised as news that Christians and conservatives are racist. The seething hatred the left has for Christianity is so blind that its champions refuse to become outraged at the actual sources […]

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Video: Egyptian citizen calls out Obama for supporting “Terrorists”

Don’t look now but the Egyptian citizens are really starting to put American citizens – who appear to have outsourced the job of holding their own president accountable – to shame. In this case, an Egyptian citizen calls out Barack Obama for the latter’s support of terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime of Mohammed […]

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Video: Egyptian Protesters doing the work Americans won’t do

The anti-Mohammed Mursi protesters in Egypt know what’s going on in America. They know that the Barack Obama administration has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and they know the mainstream media has assumed the position of Obama lapdogs. The problem is that too few Americans either know or care. In the video below of protests […]

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Hundreds of Pro-Mursi Protesters take to the streets… of Chicago

The Muslim Brotherhood has hundreds of very active pro-Mohammed Mursi protesters in Chicago who took to the streets to demand the ousted president’s reinstatement. Considering that the entity that hit us on 9/11/01 is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is beyond shocking that this isn’t shocking to all Americans. Via Chicago Tribune: About […]

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“Merciless Indian Savages” of the 21st Century

By Ben Barrack Operation Fast and Furious was a gun-walking operation run by the Barack Obama administration’s Justice Department and ATF that involved intentionally arming savages in Mexico who’ve left a trail of dead bodies in their wake. On the rebel side in Syria’s civil war are savages who have committed unspeakable acts. Yet, the […]

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John McCain: Next Ambassador to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) doesn’t have much left to do to shore up his pro-Muslim Brotherhood bonafides. In politics, that “R” next to McCain’s name is like an affirmative action hire for a Democratic president who is ideologically aligned with the Brotherhood’s every move. He’d make the perfect ventriloquist dummy ambassador for the Obama administration […]

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Gang of Eight Senator Bob Menendez touting the Muslim Brotherhood’s future in Egypt

Can you imagine if the stigma that was attached to al-Qaeda after 9/11/01 was instead attached to the Muslim Brotherhood? There’s a chance that the expressed support for the latter by U.S. Senator Bob Menenedez (D-NJ) in the wake of Mohammed Mursi’s ouster may not be taking place but alas, Menendez thinks that the sharia […]

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