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‘Muslim fundamentalists are killing our priests, kidnapping our women and burning our churches.

From Angella Johnson of Mail Online: The mob converging on a church on the outskirts of Cairo were armed only with sticks and stones. But their frenzied attack on a lone, elderly Coptic priest was merciless. Father Matthew Awad had refused to reveal the whereabouts of a Muslim woman who had converted to Christianity. For […]

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Prosecuting Mursi over Benghazi… in Egypt?

The Egyptian military is open to doing the will of its people when its people show up in the streets and number in the tens of millions. These people are not the least bit happy with Barack Obama or U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson. Since Mohammed Mursi’s removal, Obama has been playing with a bit of […]

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Rubio helps Hillary… again

Marco Rubio (R-FL) has hit rock bottom and continues to dig. Earlier this year at a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing, Rubio rolled over and let former Secretary of State rub his belly during the five minutes he had to demand answers about Benghazi. This week, the same committee held a confirmation hearing for former […]

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Witnesses to Benghazi Attack: Ambassador specifically Targeted

Witnesses to what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12 will absolutely play a part in getting to the truth. In addition to putting the video below in this post, we have also introduced it as EXHIBIT Y in our report / case against Egypt, Mohammed Mursi, and Ansar al-Sharia Egypt in the deaths of four Americans […]

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Senators inept while questioning Nuland on Benghazi

When it came to the manipulation of the Benghazi talking points, former State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland’s name surfaced in emails. In those emails, Nuland appeared to be an intermediary between the State Department and the C.I.A. On July 11th, Nuland appeared in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for her confirmation hearing after […]

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Ben Barrack appears on KTEK in Houston about Benghazi

After learning that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher had introduced our report into the Congressional record during a Foreign Affairs Joint Subcommittee hearing, Ben Barrack appeared on the Price of Business with Kevin Price on KTEK 1110 in Houston to talk about it. Here is segment 1: Here is segment 2:

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Compromise: Release Mursi… then Extradite him

Today, State Department spokesman Barack Obama Jen Psaki said the Egyptian military needs to release Mohammed Mursi and Muslim Brotherhood prisoners. In the exchange below, Psaki quietly dropped a bombshell relative to the Obama administration’s policy toward Egypt. Suddenly, after claiming that it was not taking sides, the administration is now demanding that the Egyptian […]

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