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Indubitably True That Obama Is Enabling Christian Persecution

From FrontPage Magazine: LOPEZ: What do the Copts need? IBRAHIM: All that the Copts want is equality — to be seen and treated as full Egyptian citizens, irrespective of their Christian faith. Under the era of Westernization and modernization, they were indeed largely seen as “regular” Egyptians. But, as Muslims went from emulating the West, […]

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A Mob Torched Houses of Christians

From the Times of India: CAIRO: A health ministry official says 10 people have been killed and 210 wounded in clashes around the country involving opponents and backers of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, as well as security forces. Khaled el-Khatib, a health ministry official, says four people were killed near the Republican Guard building in […]

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Job for NSA? DoD not helping Oversight Committee locate Benghazi witness

A retired Marine colonel may have crucial information about what happened on the night of 9/11/12 in Benghazi but the Department of Defense (DoD) doesn’t seem interested in helping the House Oversight committee contact him. Sharyl Attkisson has the report. Via CBS News: Marine Corps Col. George Bristol was in a key position in the […]

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Man ID’d by Louie Gohmert in letter to DHS IG last year one of Mursi’s staunchest defenders in U.S.

The removal of Mohammed Mursi from power in Egypt has garnered some interesting reactions from individuals in the U.S. who either belong to Muslim Brotherhood groups or have expressed sympathies for them. One such individual is a Mohamed Elibiary, who has been expressing via twitter, bitter displeasure over the Egyptian military’s treatment of Mursi, a […]

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Middle East Christians Dying in Large Numbers Due to Obama Policies

From Bob Taylor (AINA): The Middle East is a mess. It almost always is, but thanks to Barack Obama’s foreign policies in the region, it gets worse by the day. Sometimes by the hour. Obama has a singular strategy. Whether he is dealing with Egypt, Libya or Syria, it has always been the same, and […]

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Churches Implore EU For Help Against Blasphemy Law

From Ecumenical News: ….A Christian neighbourhood was torched in Lahore recently in connection with the country’s controversial anti-blasphemy law, leading to a series of protests by Pakistani Christians across the country demanding better protection. Rights campaigners say the anti-blasphemy law in Pakistan is widely used against religious minorities, including Christians, Ahmadis and Shi’ite Muslims, usually […]

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From Matt Lloyd: Egypt is in a state of unrest and the worst of it might still be yet to come. President Morsi has been ousted by mass protests of an increasing population that feels oppressed and desperate by decaying social and economic conditions. An interim leadership arrangement is being worked out in the midst […]

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