Muslim Guns Down Christians For Enjoyment

By Theodore Shoebat

A 29-year-old Muslim policeman named Amer Ashour Abdel-Zaher murdered and wounded six Coptic Christians in the upper Egyptian town of Samalut. He walked about a train car searching for anybody with the sign of the Holy Cross tattooed on their wrist, a very typical custom amongst Egyptian Christians.

He spotted six Copts sitting together and singing Christian hymns, and opened fire on them while exclaiming the diabolical chant of “Allahu Akbar!” He murdered Fathy Ghattas, a 71 year old man. This heretic also injured Fathy’s wife, Emily Hanna, Sabah Saniod, Marianne, Maggie and her fiance Ashraf were severely wounded and had to be taken by helicopter to a Cairo hospital.

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The perpetrator tried to escape but was caught by police. The Egyptian interior Ministry tried to belittle the attack and said that the killer was “mentally unstable” and had previously undergone medical treatment. Coptic activist Mark Ebeid had this to say on the verdict:

…usually killers of Christians, literally get away with murder …They are usually referred to hospital for being “mentally unstable” and after the matter has died down, they are just quietly discharged from hospital for being cured and this is usually the end of the story for the families of victims.

The officials who deem these killers as “mentally ill” are no different than the evil psychologist today who label a mental illness on every serial killer or rapist. This animal who shot at these poor Christians was demonically possessed, there is no doubt about that. For only the devil and his demons would influence a man to do such a crime, and only an evil person would allow the forces of darkness to influence him in such a way.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Look at this man’s eyes, you can see the glossy features and the demonic tensity:

Amer Ashour Abdel-Zaher, demonically possessed and evil man

Amer Ashour Abdel-Zaher, demonically possessed and evil man

Even Muhammad admitted that he, and every other Muslim, is possessed by demons. As we read from one book, Muhammad said:

Everyone has an attaché from amongst the jinn (devils)…

When Muhammad’s companions asked him if he himself was possessed, the heresiarch responded positively:

Yes, but Allah helps me so I am safe from his hand and he does not command me but for good.

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