Socialist explains why Left Attacks A&E but not HBO

We’re all familiar with the Duck Dynasty / A&E controversy by now. The leftists, gay rights activists, socialists, and race-baiting (racists) whackos attacked Phil Robertson for expressing his fundamental religious beliefs. Make no mistake; he was also attacked because one of those beliefs commands him to ‘turn the other cheek’.

Robertson: Gays know he poses no threat.

Robertson: Gays know he poses no threat.

Conversely, HBO, which is set to air a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda piece masquerading as a documentary on the harm caused by Islamophobia, is receiving no such criticism. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) website is promoting this propaganda, which is actually what confirms it’s propaganda.

Perhaps none other than self-proclaimed socialist Lawrence O’Donnell, who minced no words in slamming Robertson, explained perfectly the double standard, candidly during a 2007 interview with talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. During this very short clip, the two men were talking about Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate and O’Donnell explained why he had no problem attacking Romney’s religion as well as why he refused to be critical of Islam (h/t to NewsBusters and Jeffrey Lord for finding this clip a couple of years ago):

These leftists know Robertson poses no threat to them. In fact, not content to go away after A&E decided to reinstate Robertson, the left doubled down and trolled for ‘gotcha’ videos of Robertson. All it could come up with was a 2009 video in which Phil essentially equated his own personal life experience to make a point about marriage.

When Robertson was married, he was 20 and his wife was 16. They remain married many years later. In the video, he was flippantly making the point that others should do the same by arguing that men should marry their wives when they’re “15 or 16” so they can “pick your ducks”. The outrage expressed by the left is not only manufactured an completely misplaced but incredibly hypocritical. Rarely – and never proportionally – is the left seen criticizing groups like NAMBLA for pedophilia or the Muslim culture for the forced marriage of young girls. Last July, a young 11 year-old girl named Nada Al-Ahdal was sold by her parents to an older man. Nada bravely fled and told her story.

Where were these groups who are now pseudo-outraged at Phil Robertson and A&E then?


Again, such bullies attack because they fear no repercussions for those attacks. That characteristic is at the heart of all bullies and it’s the manifestation of cowardice’s most despicable form, exemplified in the cowardly lion’s chasing of Toto.

O'Donnell: Would never handle a Qur'an like that.

O’Donnell: Would never handle a Qur’an like that.

The silence from the left as HBO gears up to air a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda piece on HBO on January 6th is quite the window into leftist thought. It is a propaganda piece which features prominently the Executive Director of a Muslim Brotherhood front group – Dawud Walid of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Michigan (CAIR-MI). If the left is offended by Phil Robertson’s views on homosexuality, it should be unhinged over HBO’s decision to air pro-Muslim Brotherhood propaganda.

Yet, it is painfully silent.


Have another listen to O’Donnell above, during his interview with Hewitt.

Here is O’Donnell in 2010, during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in which he aggressively told Glenn Greenwald that he (O’Donnell) was a “socialist”. The implication was that as such, O’Donnell was far left of liberals:

As a far left socialist and prominent (term used loosely) media figure, O’Donnell represents a contingent of people in the U.S. who share his views. The extent to which the radicals who attacked Duck Dynasty and A&E for caving, hold O’Donnell’s views on not being critical of Islam is up for debate. However, the inconsistency in the treatment received by A&E and the silence relative to HBO speaks volumes. At minimum, it’s strong anecdotal evidence that such people hold O’Donnell’s views but refrain from expressing them.

Which makes them hypocrites and bullies.

In the meantime, these useful idiots are protecting nefarious Muslim Brotherhood front groups by attacking those who pose no threat. This also has the effect of unnecessarily expending the energy of those who wish to confront said front groups; those front groups know this which is why they enable said useful idiots like O’Donnell. Leftists like O’Donnell represent a segment of individuals who make up groups that demonstrate a sick macro-affliction of Stockholm Syndrome that warrants the resurrection of an old adage:

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


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