Thanks To Obama, Christians Are Being Killed

By Theodore Shoebat

When Obama used NATO to oust out Gaddafi, I knew immediately that such an evil action would lead to the slaughter and subjugation of Christians.

Just very recently, the national assembly of Libya has voted that the Koran will be the basis of jurisprudence. In other words. Libya is now a sharia country, and all thanks to the heretic of a president, Obama.

The General Assembly Congress of Libya released this statement:

Islamic law is the source of legislation in Libya … All state institutions need to comply with this.

Patrick Sookhdeo of The Barnabus Fund revealingly and truthfully said:

NATO went to war in Libya on the basis of a full democracy … But what we have ended up with is a fractured government in which religious extremism of the worst kind has now taken over the government. …The concern is that this conflict has produced the exact opposite of a democratic government

Do you want to do something about this? Well, now you can, PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE RESCUE CHRISTIAN LIVES.

Christians have already been attacked since the removal of Gaddafi in 2011. Five missionaries were arrested in Libya because of they were holding crucifixes. One of them, an Egyptian Christian named Ezzat Atallah, died in prison before the other four were released.

Why were they killed? Because the Muslims are iconcoclast heretics who hate any holy Christian icons.

A Christian teacher from Texas, Ronnie Smith, was shot dead by Muslims in Benghazi on December 5th.

Here is a video showing a church attacked in Libya:

Don’t just read about these atrocities, now is the time for you to do something. PLEASE DONATE TO


  • sacha

    Obama sucks at everything!

    • richinnameonly

      The sad part is that he is good at furthering HIS agenda. The useful idiots elect him, support him, stand by and watch him as he ruins the U.S., helps islam and turns his back on Christians. I believe he wants to see a revived caliphate and does everything he can get away with to further that agenda. By this time he knows he can get away with most anything. Look what he’s done so far and still remains in office with his cronies.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Odrama is a damn Muslim brotherhood Marxist satanist who needs to be brought to justice and all so Mr john cocaine and Lindsey mayhem + Hilary wimpton cause the blood of meany of God,s saints are on their hands

  • sumsrent

    Folks… know this…
    Everywhere Islam goes… death and destruction follows!
    Islam is satanic to the core! Islam is satan’s death cult! Islam is satan’s army against Christianity!

    You muslims need to realize that you are doing the work of satan!

    • Goten Son

      Actually the bible is clear that the harlot church is located in Rome which is the city of seven mountains and just so you know the inquisition, crusades, dark ages, or whatever you call it was without a doubt the worst ever mass murder in human history ever perpetrated by a single religion and is responsible for the deaths of over 170 million people. Or to be more blunt Europe was ruled by a 1500 year reign of terror and if it wasn’t for modern technology we would still be living under that horrific ideology.

      • sumsrent

        Actually… the Inquisition followed after the Crusades. Different times in History, which… IMO was very much associated. And since satanic worshipping muslims are commanded to lie… [like Barack Hussein does when saying he is a Christian]… who do you trust?

        The fact stands… more people are killed by satanic worshipping muslims every year than all 350 years of the Inquisition combined.
        You, like so many point out the Crusades and fail to mention the Islamic Jihadic Conquests that had been previously going on for centuries.

        And when we consider how the satanic worshipping muslims enslave, rape, maim, mutilate, bomb, terrorize and kill in today’s time… I figure the Inquisition was necessary, during that time, to really find out who was truthfully a Christian or a fake satanic worshipping muslim. Who would be bent on picking up the Islamic Jihadic Conquests at the drop of a hat [or better suited, a turban].

        Tell me… how many people, including Christians, were enslaved, raped, maimed, mutilated and killed in the name of allah during those 460+ years? With antichristian people like you… those figures don’t ever count do they?

        Did you know that when the Green Flag of muhammad is raised above his tomb it is a signal to the Islamic world to war against the Christians?

        Are you aware that more muslims are killed in the ME today by other muslims than anyone else? But… the media has you brainwashed to believe all those deaths are from American Troops… aye?

        In fact… the death reports we see are tainted especially to spin a negative light on America and it’s fake war on terrorism. Why? Because America must fail… to make room for satanic Islam and it’s Sharia Laws. In other words… when muslim kill muslims… those deaths are included in the reports that make American Troops responsible. Did you know that?

        All for the purpose of gathering American support and sympathy for satanic Islam. Pitting Americans against Americans! For the sole purpose of bringing down the so called “Great Satan” and setting up the One World Islamic Economic System.

        All those Occucommie idiots, that are so against America, are brainwashed puppets doing the bidding of satanic Islam.

        Q: Why support those who want you killed? But the masses are brainwashed to support satanic Islam… go figure!

        Now then… the seven hills being Rome Italy is a farce. Actually; Constantinople sits on seven hills too. But… it’s significance is greater because… it not only was the Capital of Rome… but today it’s a major hub for satanic Islam.

        The word “Harlot” is mentioned eight times ion the KJV New Testament. Only once does it refer to the Harlot system. I say system because it is only an assumption that it is a Church.

        Unfortunately conjured up out of ignorance by those who were bent on viewing the Catholic Church as the Harlot.

        The Harlot is a system… not a Church. The mere mention of seven hills caused many theologians to point at Rome Italy… connect the dots and assume they knew what the “mystery” was.

        To make a long story short… Revelation chapter 17 describes how the satanic Islamic Economic Governmental System will come against the Christians.

        You can also consider Daniels Statue and the ten toes made up of Clay & Iron. Two governments working together to kill Christians! The Roman Empire [Iron] does NOT represent the Catholic Church… it represents a government system. The clay represents satanic Islam and it’s Sharia government.

        • Goten Son

          Christ said you will know them by their fruits and its clear to see what
          kind of fruit you are producing. Judging by the rest of your comment i
          can see you are ignorant at best and deceptive at worst. The thing i find funny is progressives and conservatives arguing with each other. Hello we have a party up in Canada called the Progressive Conservatives.

          People are so mesmerized by right and left wing politics that they cannot see the wings for the bird.

          By the way i do not appreciate you blaming me for the actions of a radical religion that i don’t even belong to and if that wasn’t bad enough you condone the inquisition which means you are no better at heart than the radical islamists that do all the horrible actions you keep on bringing up to me.

          Why do you condone a country like America that pollutes the earth by burning oil instead of using green technologies to provide power. Don’t you find it strange that every time you hear about a cancer cure its shoved under the rug?

          Don’t you find it the least bit strange that several newscasts aired story’s about people designing working cars that run on water and then it all disappeared down the corporate black hole.

          Don’t you find it strange that a handful of men own most of the worlds resources? Don’t you ever take the time to think about anything instead of relying on the Shoebats for everything?

          I also find it very telling that i found the likeness of Ted Shoebat in a twenty year old Japanese anime and the funny part is he was depicted as a shaman living over in an Orthodox Russian village.

          Did you know that a Shaman is someone who uses deception to enslave peoples minds and that is exactly what he does with his violent theology.

          Just because you can see what one hand is up to doesn’t mean you can see what the other one is doing.

      • FreedomSpeaks

        Daniel 11:45 tells us: “And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas (PLURAL) in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”

        Rome sits on “ONE” sea, that being the Mediterranean; not many “seas” as Daniel 11:45 states.

        “Mecca” sits right in the middle of Saudi Arabia and Israel (the “beautiful holy mountain”) AND on “many waters” and “many seas” as follows:

        1. The Caspian Sea;
        2. The Black Sea;
        3. The Mediterranean Sea;
        4. The Red Sea;
        5. The Persian Gulf;
        6. The Gulf of Oman;
        7. The Arabian Sea; and,
        8. The Gulf of Aden.

        Mecca sits on both 7 mountains AND 7 hills!

        The 7 mountains are:

        1. Jabal Quba;
        2. Jabal al Qinna;
        3. Jabal Li Aali;
        4. Jabal Jifan;
        5. Jabal Jijad;
        6. Jabal Qubais; and,
        7. Jabal Hindi.

        The 7 hills that Mecca sits on are:

        1. Jabal abu Siba;
        2. Jabal Safa;
        3. Jabal Marwah;
        4. Jabal abu Milhah;
        5. Jabal abu Ma’aya;
        6. Jabal abu Hulayah; and,
        7. Jabal abu Ghuztan.

        • Goten Son

          First off before i address Babylon i thought i should warn you about Shoebat’s dangerous teachings concerning the mark of the beast not being a mark at all but a piece of cloth tied on the head or maybe a shoulder patch. That is so unbiblical that its not funny how does one go from a mark in the right hand to a shoulder patch on a jacket? That isn’t all another preacher called John Macarthur said it was okay to take the mark of the beast. What on earth is going on haven’t these right wing teachers read their bibles? Shoebat goes so far as to say that mark and 666 are a mistranslation in the bible including the highly accurate KJV. In other words he is saying that Gods word has errors in it and if that’s true it can’t be trusted at all because it would have even more mistakes in it. Worse yet Ted Shoebat speaks about the inquisition like it was a good thing and says we need it again.

          Now to address Babylon, actually i do believe there are three distinct Babylons mentioned in the bible and one of them could represent every coastal city on earth because it says the coast lands will be burning. One physical Babylon is specifically in the middle east like you point out one however there is a spiritual Babylon in Europe and the commercial Babylon encompasses every major city on earth and may specifically represent America and England. Because the bible specifically says those that dwell at ease on the isles. I hope this clarifies some things a bit.

          • FreedomSpeaks

            The mark of the Beast is physical as stated in Rev 13:17 and also spiritual as stated in Rev 14:1. I don’t believe that the 666 is the mark of the beast. Man is falliable, God is not. John wrote the symbol that God gave him in a vision. God would not use numerology as that is not God’s way. I do believe the symbols as seen in the original texts of John are the mark of the beast.

            As it is written:

            ωδε η σοφια εστιν ο εχων τον νουν ψηφισατω τον αριθμον του θηριου αριθμος γαρ ανθρωπου εστιν και ο αριθμος αυτου χξς

            “Herein is the wisdom of he that has the mind [to think, to understand, to grasp] the figure of the beast -number of a man is he, and the number is χξς”

            χξς… What is this? No one really knew. Chi Xi Stigma. 666. All wrong. You see, “back in the day” they had no idea what this was. The actual written Arabic language didn’t even exist at the time of the Revelation. The written Arabic word didn’t come into being until some 100-150 years later.

            As far as the Biblical translators were concerned, they decided to use numerology – gematria – to give the odd symbols some meaning. But this would be a faulty and foolish thing to do because any number (“αριθμος”) of names and
            words can add up to 666 using numerology. This wouldn’t work. Gematria, an aspect of numerology, is a form of witchcraft. God wouldn’t have anything to do with witchcraft, so it is a faulty premise to build from right at the start.

            ς – the third symbol – bism – Arabic for “in the name of”.
            ξ – the second symbol – Allah – Arabic name of the Islamic pagan moon god.
            χ – the first symbol – Arabic symbol of Islam, the crossed swords.

            Arabic is written from right to left, so you would look at “χξς” from right to left. Bism-Allah. Bismillah. In the name of Allah – and then – Islam.

            So completely, this is how Revelation 13:18 should be translated: “This calls for wisdom. Let him that has an understanding, count the multitude of the beast, for it is a multitude like one man and this multitude is in the name of Allah – Islam.”

          • Goten Son

            I agree with you that Allah is none other than Lucifer, Jupiter, Leviathan, Satan, Zeus, Baal, Thor, Osiris, or whatever name the Adversary goes by these days. But i have a question for you if in the future some electronic implant in the right hand or forehead became mandatory to buy or sell would you take it? Or if some smart 666 tattoo comes out to protect national security would you take it?

          • FreedomSpeaks

            But who is the Whore of Babylon? Well, first off, people claim an area or nation is “Babylon” based on its behavior. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Wherever Satan rules, the behavior is always the same. America is in a sense a Babylon in its sin. But the Bible states that Babylon hides its sin in secret. America in no way hides its sin, but it is out in the open.

            Babylon is now where it always has been – Arabia. But the thing is that just as Jesus has His Bride – which is us, the Church, the Christians the believers- so Satan’s Babylon has its whore, Islam. Everything Jesus said and did, Satan has his perverted, twisted and corrupt versions.

            The last prophet spoken of in the Bible is the false prophet, in Revelation the false prophet and his followers are cast into the pit. Mohammad declared openly and ferociously that he was indeed, the last prophet.

            The Whore of Babylon is Islam of Arabia, drunk on the wine (oil to finance destruction) of her fornication (rapes, pedophilia, homosexuality, dominance and subjugation).

          • Templewind

            Haven’t read other comments in this thread. I may, therefore, be off topic, but would be interested to hear what you have to say regarding the “system” of the beast?

          • FreedomSpeaks

            Templewind, I would love to share with you the ‘system’ of the beast, I am short on time…. I will get back to this with you if you would enlighten me of your thoughts of the ‘system’ of the beast? Here are a few thoughts of mine… When we think of a ‘beast’ we think of something huge, multi-layered and multi-consuming as in a large corporation or a complicated military structure. Look at Islam in light of Sharia Law. It is a complete system based on dietary, disciplinary, dress… ect.

          • Templewind

            I was wondering if the entire “technocracy”, ie, vaccinations, GMO foods, chemical geo-engineering of the environment, etc, are all part and parcel of this full-spectrum domination plan which seems to be manifesting.

          • FreedomSpeaks

            We must remember that per the Bible, the beast always represented a group of people or nation(s) that that persecuted and enslaved Israel & God’s chosen people. The ‘Beast’ is an entity that instills fear even into the hearts of the bravest men, a massive entity ‘born in the very depths of darkness’. Rev 17:8-18

            Rev 17: 10 & 11 – The seven heads are the seven empires: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and Islam. (There have also been 7 true caliphates throughout history…the 7 “heads” of the beast. Seven have fallen (the last was the fall of the Ottoman empire) and the 8th is now rising.)

            Rev 17:10 Five have fallen refers to the five world empires before John’s day: Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Medo-Persia, and Greece.. Rome was the sixth to fall (after) John’s time. It is the 7th that we need to identify.

            Rev 17:10 – and the other is not yet come, –Rev is speaking of the 7th Beast. It did not come until 638 AD so in the time that Rev was written, 90 AD, it was ‘not yet’. … but now the prophecy has been fulfilled and the seventh empire has passed.. The 7th suffers the wound Rev 13:3 and to the world it has died, or disappeared. It is later reborn, (the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood 1928) Rev 17:8. Rev 17:11 And the Beast (the nations and people who persecute Israel, God’s chosen people and the saints) that was, and is not, even he is the 8th, and is of the seven and go into perdition. So the 7th and 8th is not Rome (the 6th to fall) as many Christians try to push off on the naive.

          • Templewind

            Good info. Thank you, but you didn’t address my question about “the system” installed by the beast…..unless I missed something?

  • wordfromthewise

    Obama said “Change we need” but I never thought he meant changing the USA into an islamic state. Is there nothing he won’t do for his fellow muslims?

  • Jack Reacher

    Libya probably cannot afford a giveaway democracy like America. There’s no one there to support the slackers. Shariah governments may not be so bad for us. They wiill soon be back in the stone age, and if we can become oil independent, we don’t need to ever come into contact with the haters again.

  • sumsrent

    I could write a couple pages about this Prince Al Waleed and his involvement with 9/11/2001… but I’ll save it…

    It is of my opinion that the Gulf Oil spill and the Fukishima meltdown were both done intentionally. Just to keep the huge oil profits flowing into the hands of the satanic Islamic world… so they can continue expanding, forwarding and dominating this planet.
    Also… the devaluing of the American dollar is intentional too. Soon we’ll see it taken of the World Standard of Currency and replaced with the Oil Standard of Currency. It’s the satanic Islamic way.
    And… I’ve actually seen computer programs that will deduct barrels of oil from a persons bank account… [or portions of barrels.]
    Remember this… muhammad told the muslims that things of those earth belong to no one and are to be distributed freely to all. That’s what makes Islam so communistic.