Thanks To Obama, Christians Are Being Killed

By Theodore Shoebat

When Obama used NATO to oust out Gaddafi, I knew immediately that such an evil action would lead to the slaughter and subjugation of Christians.

Just very recently, the national assembly of Libya has voted that the Koran will be the basis of jurisprudence. In other words. Libya is now a sharia country, and all thanks to the heretic of a president, Obama.

The General Assembly Congress of Libya released this statement:

Islamic law is the source of legislation in Libya … All state institutions need to comply with this.

Patrick Sookhdeo of The Barnabus Fund revealingly and truthfully said:

NATO went to war in Libya on the basis of a full democracy … But what we have ended up with is a fractured government in which religious extremism of the worst kind has now taken over the government. …The concern is that this conflict has produced the exact opposite of a democratic government

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Christians have already been attacked since the removal of Gaddafi in 2011. Five missionaries were arrested in Libya because of they were holding crucifixes. One of them, an Egyptian Christian named Ezzat Atallah, died in prison before the other four were released.

Why were they killed? Because the Muslims are iconcoclast heretics who hate any holy Christian icons.

A Christian teacher from Texas, Ronnie Smith, was shot dead by Muslims in Benghazi on December 5th.

Here is a video showing a church attacked in Libya:

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