Muslims Murder Woman’s Husband, She Remarries, They Murder Second Husband

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims murdered the husband of a Christian woman in Nigeria, named Faith Kore Usman. When she got remarried, the Muslims murdered her second husband. As Faith explained it herself:

My first husband, Davou Philip, was killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Jol Village in Riyom Local Government Area in 2002 …I had only a son with him. However, God brought me and Kore Usman together, and we got married. God has blessed us with four children. I thought my burden has been lifted as a widow, and now, again my second husband has been killed by Muslim gunmen.

But Faith has maintained her hope in Jesus Christ:

I have placed my faith in God and am waiting on Him to comfort me and keep me and these five children

This fortitude illustrates what ineffable and indefatigable faith and fortitude these saints have.



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