What Americans Can Learn From Russia

By Theodore Shoebat

Russia has placed the Russian Orthodox Church with the government, and this of course has received the outcry of westerners, from both liberal and conservative persuasions, and even amongst Evangelicals.

In America, any thought of allowing Christianity to influence policy is interrupted with exasperating objections. And if one were to express opinions against religious tolerance and liberty, ideologies being given equal rights, and the suffrage and freedom of the homosexual agenda, one will immediately hear the remonstrances of not just leftists, but modernly minded Christians who call themselves conservative.

Here is Glenn Beck, who has received so much reverence and veneration amongst Evangelicals, siding with GLAAD against Russia’s anti-homosexual policies:

Believe it or not, the Evangelical conservatives in America harbor a substantial amount of power; sufficient evidence to this is the moment in which countless Americans flocked to Chick-fil-e to rightfully thumb their noses at the sodomites. This was an excellent move, and a demonstration of the force of their power and influence.

If Americans did this sort of assembling for every cause they believe in, the leftist heretics would not have any room to squirm. So why are so many people afraid of the Muslims and the homosexuals?

Because we don’t have a Constantine. In other words, we don’t have leaders who have Christian aspirations, but temporal and materialist intentions. Many people complain about this, without admitting that the problem lies rooted not in the leaders themselves, but in the people. Tyranny is found in the masses, manifesting itself ultimately from, and in, the personal beliefs of each member of the body politic.

This is why the homosexual and Islamic agendas have gained a foothold in the American infrastructure, because many people are indifferent, or sympathetic to the Muslim or homosexual. “They are such nice people,” is a common phrase to hear, or, “I have a gay friend and he’s the nicest guy in the world!” All of these sentiments are placed as a precedent over divine truth and eternal law, and personal preferences are trumped over the inevitable consequences of toleration toward depravity and sinister beliefs.

Freedom for evil is seen somehow as a necessary good in order for general and collective freedom to prosper, but when the inexorable and unavoidable results of this indulgence arise, we complain, when in reality such outcomes were easily preventable through policies of intolerance toward dangerous groups and entities.

Now lets look at Russia. The Orthodox Church is connected with the state; such a conjunction of church with government is taboo in America (even amongst Christians). But lets look at the results. The outcome is a significant weakening of both the Islamic and homosexual agendas.

In America, the sodomites crowed the streets with their deplorable aberrations from the natural order, whipping themselves, proudly walking with dog collars around their necks, and screaming the most horrendous blasphemies. And the amount of power that the Muslims harbor is enough to the point that they have the leeway to infiltrate the government.

In Russia, on the other hand, the homosexuals act like victims, portray themselves as though they deserve refugee status, and mope around demanding sympathy. Muslims in Moscow have only been allowed four mosques, while the Orthodox Church has been permitted to build hundreds of parishes in the same city. Why? Because the Russian Church has a position to influence the government in order to place restrictions on those who religiously, ideologically, and culturally, pose a threat to their society.

Instead of tolerating a problematic group, and then complain when the same group commits evils, they suppress it, and in turn, prevent it from prospering and obtaining significant influence, and the platform upon which to exercise widespread persuasion.

Russian Christian leaders have not ceased in their endeavor to suppress the sodomite movement. They have already managed to ban homosexual propaganda, and the aspiration to further limit the reprobates has not ceased.

From banning homosexual propaganda, the Russian Church is now requesting that a referendum be done to decide on whether or not homosexual relations should be prohibited all together.

The Archpriest Vsevold Chaplin, had this to say:

There is no question that society should discuss this issue since we live in a democracy …For this reason, it is precisely the majority of our people and not some outside powers that should decide what should be a criminal offence and what should not ...I am convinced that such sexual contacts should be completely excluded from the life of our society …If we manage to do this through moral pressure, all the better. But if we need to revert to assistance from the law, then let us ask the people if they are ready for this.

This is the same Chaplin of whom I wrote recently for his exhortation that Islamic fundamentalism (or radicalism, as he describes it) should be prohibited by the law. He said:

If the circulation of Nazi ideological clichés has been strictly limited or banned in certain cases, why not apply the same scheme to the radical interpretation of Islam rejected by most Muslims themselves?

Chaplin is not just a priest, but a visionary, who believes that through Orthodoxy, Christian can change the entire world. He said:

Our Christian Orthodox, Eastern Slavic civilization is not the most numerous but it is central because it is it that knows today how to open doors to a better life for the whole world, especially for Europe

The people of Russia are so intolerant toward homosexuality and its evil agenda, that even the Russian homosexual leadership is terrified of the outcome of the referendum. Russian homosexual organizer, Eduard Murzin, said:

If you stage a referendum in Russia, 90 percent would back both the death penalty and the idea of shooting all homosexuals

With such sentiments like this being held and expressed by the Russian people, and the Russian Church, it is no wonder as to why the homosexuals have been such bad luck in infiltrating the cultural infrastructure.


What you are seeing in Russia is a surviving, and enduring, remnant of classical and ancient Christianity. It is a Christianity that was once supreme in the golden age of Christendom, and that is arising over, with its illuminating beams of truth, over the vast ocean of darkness, of heresy, and of falsehood. We see this in the emperor Constantine, the first of all the Christian caesars.

In the fourth century, when the Church triumphed over the pagan powers, and Constantine defeated the tyrant Maxentius in the advancement of the Holy Cross, the emperor Constantine decreed an extermination order upon the homosexual pagans of Egypt:

Consistently with this zeal he [Constantine] issued successive laws and ordinances, forbidding any to offer sacrifice to idols, to consult diviners, to erect images, or to pollute the cities with the sanguinary combats of gladiators. And inasmuch as the Egyptians, especially those of Alexandria, had been accustomed to honor their river through a priesthood composed of effeminate men, a further law was passed commanding the extermination of these as a corrupt and vicious class of persons, that no one might thenceforward be found tainted with the like impurity. (Eusebius, Life of Constantine, 1.32)

Now, when we hear the name Constantine, it immediately results in negative and acrimonious expressions. “Constantine was pagan!” “Constantine brought the church with the state!” “Constantine mixed Christianity with paganism!” These are the usual statements one hears anytime the emperor’s name is brought up. But we have a new Constantine in our midst: Putin.

As Russia is suppressing Islam (and will continue, gradually and incrementally, to increase its proscriptions upon Muhammad’s heresy), by banning the banning the building of new mosques in Moscow, Constantine as well suppressed the pagan religion.

The first Christian emperor had no tolerance for paganism. when he had heard of a temple of Ashtar in Aphaca, which was built upon Mount Libanus, and how within it men took the form of women, and conducted licentious rites, he, in accordance with the Law of Moses, ordered it to be demolished. He also abolished any pagan temples in Phoenicia, alongside their grotesque rituals. (Eusebius, Life of Constantine, 3.46)

Marcus, the bishop of Arethusa, was allowed under Constantine to destroy a pagan temple and replace it with a Christian church. (Theodoret. Eccles. Hist. 3.7) This story is another indication as to how the early Christians did not see the proscriptions against idolatry in the law of Moses as null, but as still applicable under a government which allowed them to observe it and carry it out. This was also done by one Artemius, the commander of the military in Egypt, who went about and destroyed some idols of the pagans. (Theodoret. Eccles. Hist. 3.18)

Russia is not only legislating, and calling for the legislation of, laws that are similar to those of Constantine, but is deliberately emulating the great emperor. In May of 2012, Archpriest Chaplin, expressed this emulation:

The West betrayed the ideals of Rome, of Christianity, of Europe that used to be based on Roman law and Christian ideals which Emperors Constantine and Justinian combined with Roman law …Remembering that today our civilization should not be following the weak-willed West or intellectually weak East. We should not be dependent or obedient in the world of a dialogue of civilizations. We should combine intellect and will, traditions and innovations, faith and life, spirituality and earthliness. It is our duty to change the world in 10 years and we can do it

The reason why we have so much evil infiltrating America, is for one reason: tolerance toward false religion and evil ideologies.

Are you angry about communists being in America? Don’t complain if you believe in religious liberty.

Are you angry about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the White House? Don’t complain if you believe in religious liberty.

Are you angry about the homosexual agenda? Don’t complain if you believe in religious liberty (the homosexual agenda is an ideology).

Are you angry when you read stories about Jehovah’s Witnesses encouraging for babies who need blood transfusion to die because they prohibit such a medical procedure? Don’t complain if you believe in religious liberty.

Are you angry about prayer not being in school? Don’t complain if you believe in religious liberty (in this case, for atheism specifically).

Are you angry at abortion being allowed? Don’t complain if you believe in religious liberty (in this case, social darwinism, and feminism).

Stop complaining about all of the evils done as a result of evil ideologies, if you still believe that evil has rights. All those who hate God, love death, and to permit the haters of God to spread their ideas, only brings death.

Laws permitting death cannot be tolerated, for the right to life precedes all other rights, and without it, you have nothing.




Down with the sodomites

Down with the sodomites


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