Christians Tortured while in Custody

Asif Pervaiz is a Christian and a family man with children. He was arrested and charged with blasphemy against Islam. Since being detained, Asif has suffered tortuous abuse. What must be clearly understood is that the enforcement of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws is the result of mob rule. Police are typically reluctant to enforce the laws but often do so because they are fearful of what rabid mobs might do. Below is one example of a man who is suffering the consequences of such insane, religious anarchy.

Asif Pervaiz: Tortured in Prison for Blaspheming Islam.

Asif Pervaiz: Tortured in Prison for Blaspheming Islam.

The following is a letter we received from our contact in Pakistan that provides more detail about Asif’s case. Photos included in this post were also provided by our team on the ground there.

Asif is a 28 year-old Christian resident of Yohannabad who was falsely accused under a strict Blasphemy Law. A banned Islamic extremist group – Jamaat ud Dawa – allegedly pressured the Green town police to register a case against Asif.

A few days earlier, Asif, who was working in a Garment factory, had a clash with his manager, Saeed Ahmed Kokhar. During the clash, he lost his SIM card. Later, he was charged for sending blasphemous text messages to the same manager with his lost SIM CARD. On October 2, 2013, police registered an FIR b (First Information recorded) bearing No- 678/13 against him under section 295-A 295-B and 295-C. It has never been observed that all three sections were applied to any individual but because of the pressure from the banned Islamic organization, police registered the FIR.

Asif Pervaiz’s father requested Rescue Christians for help, Now our lawyers and team is defending Asif Pervaiz and we had provided a safe home to the family of Asif Pervaiz.

A few days ago, Asif was tortured in the jail and suffered multiple injuries that required stitches. Today, January 11th, our lawyer filed a petition in the court for his medical record. Thanks to the efforts of our lawyers, we were able to get the direction of the court to order his medical examination and the subsequent report to be submitted before the Court on January 18th. Our lawyers tried to arrange for Asif’s medical examination to be performed in the private hospital but because of the fear from the banned Islamic group Jamaat ud Dawa, the court did not allow it.

The hostile attitude against the victims of blasphemy is increased rapidly in the jail. A few days ago, another victim of Blasphemy – Arif Yousaf – was tortured in the jail in Wazirabad. We request you to please keep our brothers in your prayers. It has become very apparent that the Pakistani society is getting more extremist each and every day.

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Asif's Family

Asif’s Family

If we want evidence of what’s inside the Pandora’s box of anarchy, it’s on display in Pakistan. The lawless are demanding the arrests of people simply because of their faith and the authorities charged with keeping law and order are being held hostage by these lawless mobs and essentially made to punish innocent people. In the interest of keeping the peace – as well as self-preservation – these officers frequently levy tortuous punishment against innocent people.

The folks who make up Occupy Wall Street – a group that openly seeks anarchy and proudly displays the arrests of its own – should take notice.

**UPDATE at 3:06pm EST on 1/11/14**
Two more attachments below, referenced in the letter we received from our contact who told the story of Asif’s ordeal. This first attachment is the application submitted by Asif’s father, requesting his son’s medical examination:

Application submitted by Asif's father, in which a medical examination was requested.

Application submitted by Asif’s father, in which a medical examination was requested.

The document below is the court order directing those involved to conduct Asif’s medical exam:

Court Order calling for Asif's medical exam.

Court Order calling for Asif’s medical exam.