Rep. Mike Kelly makes case against Himself

By Ben Barrack

We know many of y’all may be familiar with this but we’re finding more relevant excerpts from Rep. Mike Kelly’s radio town hall in which I asked him about the Malik Obama scandal. In light of the fact that he’s said nothing since asserting that the charges against Obama’s brother are “spot on” as they relate to Lois Lerner, the IRS, and Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir, his office is now clamming up.

Kelly: Should follow his own advice.

Kelly: Should follow his own advice.

That leads us to the 4:20 mark of this exchange during that call on 790 WPIC in Hermitage, PA, which broadcasts to his district. Kelly said:

“These are scandals that have to come forward right now because if we don’t expose them, if we don’t correct them, then why in the world are we there?”

Truly, if Kelly were to follow his own advice, he would help to “expose” the scandal he says is “spot on” or he should resign.