British Muslim Leader Runs from Jihad Opportunity

Anjem Choudary is the most prominent Muslim face in Great Britain. He has a history of exhorting his followers to engage in Jihad and insists that one day western civilization will fall to Islam. When British soldier Lee Rigby was beheaded in the streets last year, it was learned that his assailant was a Choudary accolyte Michael Adebolajo, whom Choudary refused to condemn.

Choudary: Fled from opportunity to wage Jihad.

Choudary: Fled from opportunity to wage Jihad.

Well, if dying in Jihad is the only way to guarantee paradise in the afterlife, it seems like Choudary missed an excellent opportunity to lead by example.

That leads us to a group known as Britain First, led by Chairman Paul Golding. After going to painstaking lengths to actually locate Choudary’s residence, Britain First waited outside the radical scholar’s home. Upon arriving in his vehicle and seeing the welcome home party, Choudary sped off, fleeing an opportunity to practice what he preaches.

Those who point to Choudary being outnumbered as being a logical reason to flee may want to consider the mobs in Pakistan who descend on innocent Christians and demand that they be arrested, tortured, and in many cases killed. Choudary got off quite easy by comparison.

As for Britain First, it’s a pretty sad day when citizens have to do the job the government it pays to do said job, does nothing. The only person that may look more pathetic than Choudary in this video is Prime Minister David Cameron.

Via Britain First Videos (h/t BNI):