Why Rep. Kelly Sucks

This we know. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee, has both admitted to knowing the details about the claims against Barack Obama’s half-brother and has said those claims are “spot on”. Now, with the leaking of official Egyptian government documents, we appear to learn more about why Egypt may be so interested in Malik Obama.

Rep. Mike Kelly: Both he and his committee still mum on Malik.

Rep. Mike Kelly: Both he and his committee still mum on Malik.

Since Kelly’s public admission last August, he has avoided discussing the topic and his office is not talking about it either. The problem for the Congressman from Pennsylvania is that he appears to be doing nothing – or very little – about a very serious National Security issue that happens to involve the family of the President of the United States.

According to the leaked documents, the father of a man who was a five year Clinton Foundation employee, was present in at least one meeting with a representative from Sudan’s IDO – the entity Malik Obama works for – in February of last year. Essam el-Haddad and his son Gehad el-Haddad aren’t just related. They’re both very prominent figures within the Muslim Brotherhood and were close advisers to Mohammed Mursi; both are now in prison. This connection implicates not only Barack Obama who, at minimum, has not disclosed his brother’s activities, but it also implicates Bill and Hillary Clinton as well.

During the Ben Barrack show, Ben called Kelly’s office and left an on-air message about these latest developments.


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