Why is D’Souza Indicted and Malik Obama Free?

Earlier this month, Newt Gingrich appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and said something incredibly profound when speaking about defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. What he said can also be said about defeating Barack Obama’s unconstitutional policies. If he’s right, even the staunchest of conservative politicians and leaders continue to be wrong.

Here is what Gingrich said about a Clinton 2016 Presidential run, via Real Clear Politics:

I think any Republican strategy which tries to nibble at Hillary Clinton is hopeless. I mean, she has been in public life for 40 years. She was named the McGovern field person in 1972. I mean, the idea that suddenly we’re going to learn something new about Hillary Clinton.

This is the full exchange:

What Gingrich advises Republicans not to do is precisely what conservative Congressmen and Senators are doing with Barack Obama – they’re nitpicking smaller issues instead of throwing haymakers. For example, the recent indictment of Obama critic Dinesh D’Souza provides the perfect opportunity for Senators like Ted Cruz to contrast that indictment with the lack of interest in the criminal behavior allegedly committed by former Director for IRS Tax Exemptions Lois Lerner in granting Malik Obama his 501(c)(3) status.

During an appearance on the Kelly File, Gerald Molen, the producer of ‘Schindler’s List’ said that D’Souza was targeted (h/t GWP):

Cruz’s decision to issue a press release on unrest in the Ukraine over addressing this huge scandal notwithstanding, he appears to be nibbling around the edges – if not ‘nitpicking smaller issues’ – when it comes to D’Souza’s plight.

Take, for example, Cruz’s appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation this past Sunday. The last :47 seconds of his exchange with host Bob Schieffer did not make the cut for air (though it did make Cruz’s website). During that edited out portion, Cruz brought up the Obama administration’s IRS scandal generally and the arrest of D’Souza and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula for the anti-Muhammad video as examples of the administration targeting filmmakers (Cruz obviously hasn’t pieced together what we have, relative to Nakoula either).

NewsBusters has detailed specifically what CBS edited out of its broadcast.

Opportunity being missed: Contrasting Malik's treatment with D'Souza's.

Opportunity being missed: Contrasting Malik’s treatment with D’Souza’s.

Cruz’s office has acknowledged receipt (multiple times) of earlier information we had uncovered about Malik Obama’s extremely favorable treatment by the IRS, as well as his connections to the Sudanese government. We were also told back in August that it was forwarded to their “foreign policy people”. Now, as D’Souza is under indictment, we have discovered this. Yet, Cruz has avoided it all, at least publicly.

If Cruz were to take Gingrich’s advice and apply it to the arrest of Dinesh D’Souza, he could contrast the treatment of D’Souza with the treatment of Malik Obama.

Instead, he – like all of the others – exhibits a lack of courage on the issue.


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