‘Experts’ Naive and Incompetent when accusing Obama of Naievete and Incompetence

By Ben Barrack

Have the so-called ‘experts’ for one second considered that Barack Obama isn’t naive about Russia at all and that the ‘experts’ are actually naive about Obama? For nearly a decade, a young Barack was marinated in Soviet ideology by a Stalinist named Frank Marshall Davis. In reality, it’s likely that the President knows exactly what he’s doing and the ‘experts’ simply refuse to acknowledge it.

Check out former VP candidate Paul Ryan on the Kelly File last night, via WFB:

Where does one begin? Ryan says he can’t believe the Romney / Ryan ticket lost in 2012 and can’t see it’s because the two men displayed no self-respect when viciously attacked and smeared. He then says that Obama doesn’t seem to like America very much but can’t connect the dots.

Mr. Ryan, if the President despises America and was mentored by a CPUSA member and Stalinist, where does such a path lead? Does it not lead to support for Soviets? Is not Putin a former KGB agent who wants to resurrect the Soviet empire? People like Ryan will admit to practically all of this but never take it to a logical conclusion. Instead, they paint the President as incompetent and weak.

If the President is incompetent and weak on purpose, what does that say, Mr. Ryan? If there is one thing the Obama administration understands, it’s imagery. This is the same bunch that put doctors in lab coats behind Obama in the Rose Garden to promote Obamacare. Do you remember the Greek columns?

Based on the self-evident truth that Obama knows imagery, look where he chose to speak about Putin’s invasion of Crimea:

If Obama knows imagery, does he know this communicates weakness?

If Obama knows imagery, does he know this communicates weakness?

In that photo, Obama was unveiling a budget that is only going to further weaken the U.S. while supposedly sending a strong message to Putin.


Domestically, the Obama administration has worked tirelessly to destroy the economy while saying it’s been helping the economy. He has displayed weakness when it comes to foreign policy. Both are encapsulated in that photo.

Again, this is why associations matter when candidates run for political office. Barack Obama has a history that includes being mentored by a Stalinist and associating with anti-American groups and individuals for his entire life. Yet, experts continue to refer to his administration as incompetent. The reason this is such a dangerous mistake is that if Frank Marshall Davis were alive today and looking at his pupil, he would be awestruck by just how competent he is.

Competence is in the eye of the beholder.

Frank Marshall Davis: Obama mentor and Stalin loyalist.

Frank Marshall Davis: Obama mentor and Stalin loyalist.

The experts think they are highlighting Obama’s weaknesses when all the while he smirks at their inability to see who he really is. Does this not make the ‘experts’ the incompetent fools? ‘Experts’ Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer are beside themselves over Obama’s ‘incompetence’ when their inability to consider piece together an increasingly large number of data points may put the joke on them.

O’Reilly doesn’t understand why western nations aren’t going to work together to destroy the Russian Ruble. Again, Bill, look at the background of Obama you have avoided for years. Krauthammer does a good job of chronicling all of the Obama administration’s ‘mistakes’ without allowing himself to conclude they aren’t mistakes at all.

Both of these men would be accurate if they were talking about a U.S. President who loved America and didn’t lie when he swore an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution.

The segment with Krauthammer begins at the 4:00 mark. At the 8:00 mark, Krauthammer accuses Obama of being an ‘adolescent’ after unknowingly doing a good job outlining why Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. The only thing Krauthammer left out was the ‘open mic’ moment with Dmitri Medvedev, in which Obama said he would have more ‘flexibility’ after the election.

Via Mass Tea Party:

On Hannity, Col. Ralph Peters says Obama’s ‘weakness is phenomenal’ and that he is ‘far weaker than (Jimmy) Carter’. He then says Obama is ‘incapable of making a hard decision’. With all due respect, Col. Peters, the evidence is overwhelming that he is very capable of making hard decisions that harm this country.

However, Peters comes very close to making an admission when he says:

“Vladimir Putin believes in Russia; he believes in Russia’s destiny, it’s mission. Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism. He does not believe in this country.”

The ‘experts’ are still nibbling around the edges and perhaps it’s time to levy the ‘naive’ charge at the face looking back at them in the mirror.

When ‘experts’ refer to Obama as ‘incompetent’ or ‘weak’, they give him a pass and it’s they who are demonstrating weakness by not admitting the truth.


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