American Thinker notices Issa’s avoidance of Malik Obama angle to IRS Scandal

Cindy Simpson at the American Thinker takes note that Darrell Issa avoided the Malik Obama angle to the IRS scandal. Until Republicans on the Oversight Committee – including Issa – decide to go on offense and fight fire with more fire, they will remain frustrated.

Darrell Issa: Unnecessarily Frustrated.

Darrell Issa: Unnecessarily Frustrated.

Via AT:

During the normal workweek, former IRS director Lois Lerner may have been in charge of delaying tax-exempt applications for conservative groups, but on a Sunday it appears that she was fast-tracking, approving and backdating an application for an organization led by an alien resident with ties to terrorists.

The organization is the Barack H. Obama Foundation, founded and led by Malik Obama, President Obama’s half-brother.

The scoop is posted here on Walid Shoebat’s website. Shoebat, an anti-terrorism activist, has thoroughly researched the foundation and documented that Malik is “in bed with terrorists,” raises money to support Hamas, and has ties to General Omar el-Bashir of Sudan. Earlier this year, Shoebat discovered an interesting picture posted on the foundation’s website, showing Malik (best man at Barack Obama’s wedding), wearing the “kaffiyeh,” a scarf adorned with writing that proclaims that Muslims will bring death to Israel.

The unusual items concerning the foundation’s application and approval and its ties to terrorists were summarized in a letter faxed last night to members of the House Oversight Committee in preparation for its questioning today of Lois Lerner.

The letter’s author, Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid, concluded:

My concern as an American citizen is not merely Ms. Lois Lerner’s over scrutiny of the conservative organizations, but her lack of any scrutiny of organizations that were liberal enough to have public ties even to General Omar el-Bashir. Further information may be available.

We are writing you in good faith and for no improper reason, and in support in your questioning to Ms. Lerner.

The American people have the right to hear your committee address this concern.

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