Muslims Rape Christian Girl Nearly To Death In Front Of Her Father And Mother

By The Persecuted Christian

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A Syrian Christian girl was savagely tortured and mass raped nearly to death by Al Nursa Front. According to a medical source in one of Al Hasaka hospitals, the girl’s family and the town priest brought her to the hospital strongly bleeding due to a mass rape by the Islamists, her father was beaten to death too.

Her deep screams that barely had been heard by anyone except her tied father and mother who at that time certainly favored all kinds of death rather than watching their beloved girl being raped. Battling in their thoughts, screaming filled their ears, their girl had been raped. They moaned silently to see their prey with her brutal predators; A million questions filled their minds.

The echoes of her yelling swallowed by the walls but had a vivid account on her family who would silently chant agonies forever.

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The story reminds us of the wicked homosexuals who were of the tribe in Dan in Judges 19, who raped a woman to death:

and they knew her, and abused her all the night until the morning: and when the day began to spring, they let her go. (Judges 19:25)

The horrific murder led to the infamous Gibeah War in which the righteous Israelites defeated the Benjaminites. If such a murder provoked a war in ancient Israel, what more should it provoke us to do? The least we can so is donate money for the deliverance of these poor Christians from the hands of the heretics. Remember the martyrs who are beheaded for the cause of Christ, and give to help save the lives of Christians in Syria.

Syrian Christians are being killed, torutured, slaughtered, deported and their women raped nowadays in Syria by the Islamic brigades Al Nusra Front and Islamic state in Iraq and Sham ( ISIS). In every second, Christians there would hope to die than to be captured by the radical Islamic criminals.

Such threats and assaults are driving out the Christians en masse, from various parts of the country. This 2,000-year-old community — some members of which still pray in Jesus’ Aramaic tongue and traces their churches to St. Paul, who had experienced his conversion to the faith on the road to Damascus — is now facing extinction.

Christians, have been targeted with executions, forcible conversions to Islam and expulsions from their homes as a result of actions taken by the courts of the “Caliphate of Iraq and the Levant”, the name the al Nusra Brigade and other Islamist rebels use in reference to the Syrian territory under their control. The Christians find it impossible to survive under such rule.
This savage crime of mass rape should awake the international community conscience that many wonder that how long it takes to wake up to react to such atrocities.

Rescue Christians is now working on the ground in Syria and Iraq as we are partners with Sister Hatune Dogan who already has saved thousands of Christians from death. We can save and protect many more Christians in Syria and Iraq with your help. Sister Hatune has been awarded the Order of Merit by the German Government for her work (equivalent to Congressional Medal of Honor). Please click here to partner with us to save thousands more from the Islamic oppressors. All donations are fully Tax deductible.

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