Muslims Ruthlessly Butcher 150 People And Injure 157

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Iraq have ruthlessly butchered 150 people in Iraq in just this month alone, so far. Part of this number was a massacre that took place just this Sunday, in which a Muslim blew himself up at a checkpoint, killing 39 people, at the northern entrance to Hilla, the capital of Babil province south of Baghdad.

While it killed 39, it devastatingly injured 157 other lives. One witness said:

I saw a huge fire that covered the entire checkpoint and many cars nearby

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Another horrifying occurrence was that when the bomb exploded, nearby cars received its impact and their doors were jammed tight, not allowing the people inside them to get out. At another checkpoint in Abu Ghhraib, Muslim jihadists murdered two policemen, while at another checkpoint the murderous bunch killed 3 soldiers, 2 policemen, and injured nearly 40.

Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, attributed the violence to Saudi Arabia and Qatar because of their funding and supporting of Sunni jihadists. He the two countries are attacking Iraq, through Syria and in a direct way, and they announced war on Iraq, as they announced it on Syria, and unfortunately it is on a sectarian and political basis”.

He continued on to say that Saudi Arabia are supporting “terrorism in the world — it supports it in Syria and Iraq and Lebanon and Egypt and Libya, and even in countries outside” the Arab world.

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