Muslims Annihilate 106 People In Brutal Massacre

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims butchered countless people, killing as many as 106. The Muslims entered villages in Nigeria’s northwestern Katsina State where they committed this major massacre. One local said:

The gunmen who rode on motorcycles invaded many villages leaving more than 100 people dead … people were killed in my home town while numerous houses were burnt …As a matter of, many of the dead are women and children. …We heard that 27 others were killed in some other villages

Another local recounted how they butchered innocent people:

They killed seven people in my village

A police spokesman disclosed that the exact numbers of those killed have not yet be officiated:

The state command has deployed many of our colleagues to the areas affected …We can only get to know of the actual casualties when they return

These most horrific massacres are happening without ceasing. It seems as though every week there is a major slaughter in Nigeria.

It was for this reason why we started Rescue Christians, because we refused to stand by idle and hear of all the massacres being to Christians. Neither should you be idle as this horror goes on. Please give to Rescue Christians and save a life.