America is Now an Accessory to Genocide

By Keith Davies

On this blog, over the last few days – and we will be providing more evidence over the weeks and months ahead – we have documented sick levels of genocide against Christians and Shia Muslims in Syria. The even bigger scandal is the deafening silence of the media, the church, the Jewish Organizations, the Obama administration, and leaders from both political parties.

Obama: Stay silent on Christian persecution.

Obama: Stay silent on Christian persecution.

Why is it that our government and the leaders of both parties are saying and doing nothing about these atrocities? The answer is simple. We as a country are allies of the murderers. We have made Basher Al-Assad – the president of Syria – the enemy because of Iran and Russia. Yet, we have allied ourselves with Nazi-style murderers who follow fundamentalist Islam and wish to turn Syria into a Sharia compliant state similar to the way Gaza is run by Hamas, and how Egypt was run by Mohammed Mursi until he was overthrown.

President Obama and his regime have received material support from the Muslim Brotherhood for his election and re-election. We have also documented the strong relationship the current US administration has had with the overthrown Mursi regime in Egypt.

Bashar Al-Assad is a secular dictator and murderer too but his atrocities are not on par with the genocidal maniacs who behead people by the hundreds, just because they are of a different faith or do not conform to the sick, twisted fundamental ideas of fundamentalist Islam. The Christian community has been ignored, and in some case protected, under the Assad regime. As a result, their perceived support of Assad has made them targets of the Islamists.

We have passed on the information concerning the evidence of genocide to many members of Congress and the Senate; we are working to get this information to as many in the Church leadership and Jewish organizations as possible but so far only Mark Levin on his radio show has been willing to expose this information to his audience.

Medved Producer: We're too 'booked' to cover a holocaust.

Medved Producer: We’re too ‘booked’ to cover a holocaust.

For a country that prides itself on freedom, this is an outright disgrace and a bitter shame. The producer of the nationally syndicated Michael Medved show, Jeremy Steiner – after giving him a full two-minute explanation of the atrocities in Syria – responded to my PR agent with the following quote:

“We’re already booked.”

Another producer from WGN radio station in Chicago stated:

“You know, we do not cover these types of stories anymore.”

Most of the media has ignored our emails and our messages to have this new holocaust exposed.

I contacted some people in Washington and was advised that Senator Rand Paul would probably not wish to take this up in the public forum because it is not a “major issue”. Rand Paul may not be the problem but if he employs advisers and aids who assist him but perceive that this is not a “big enough issue” to help him with his election as president, then you can be the judge if this man is worthy of being president.

Consider that very successful Hollywood filmmaker, Stephen Spielberg, who is himself Jewish, is set to honor Barack Obama by presenting him with an anti-holocaust award at a Shoah event (h/t Atlas).

Lest you had any illusions that the world was officially upside down, that should seal the deal.


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