Sister Hatune Dogan Speaks of Unspeakable Atrocities after returning from Trip to Syria

Sister Hatune Dogan is a very brave woman. She recently returned from a trip to help persecuted Christians in Syria. What she saw and heard consisted of unspeakable and inhuman atrocities you can read about here. She is eager to tell as many people as she can, what is happening to innocent Christians all across Syria and desperately wants more people to share her outrage.

During the interview, Sister Dogan explained the condition of Abd Alluhud whose injuries are primarily a result of what he witnessed. It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear his story. The atrocities he witnessed – to include seeing hundreds of headless bodies lining both sides of road and being eaten by dogs – so torment him that he must be strapped down to prevent him from committing suicide.

Sister Hatune Dogan

Sister Hatune Dogan

The wolf is loose and man’s inhumanity to man is on full display in Syria and other places across the Middle East. Another senseless reality is the lack of media attention being given to today’s holocaust. Mainstream media outlets like CNN and even Fox News are spending endless hours speculating on what may or may not have happened to Malaysia Flight 370.

Just imagine if those outlets devoted as much time to this 21st Century holocaust. Unfortunately, much of what we’re seeing happened for years prior to U.S. Generals finally witnessing the horrors that took place in Nazi concentration camps. Gen. Eisenhower wanted it all documented for one very basic reason. He didn’t want historical revisionists coming along and saying it didn’t happen.

When it comes to the atrocities in Syria, so far, those photos are not enough. The interview above took place during today’s Ben Barrack show. To hear or download the entire program, CLICK HERE.



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