Democrat Senator who wants to Subvert Second Amendment Charged in Gun Trafficking scheme with Muslim Terrorists

By Ben Barrack

Leland Yee is a State Senator in California’s eighth district who is currently running for Secretary of State there; he is a pro-gun control Democrat; and he has been indicted on charges related to gun trafficking. The 137-page sworn affidavit filed by FBI special agent Emmanuel V. Pascua also includes charges that the trafficking involved Muslim terrorists in the Philippines and, in particular, Mindanao, which is a hotbed for Islamic terrorism.

Leland Yee: Democrat allegedly involved in gun trafficking, aiding Muslim rebels.

Leland Yee: Democrat allegedly involved in gun trafficking, aiding Muslim rebels.

As has reported in the past, Christians are under great threat from Muslims in Mindanao and many have had to take up arms against them in self-defense.

Before getting to the part of the affidavit that deals with the Islamic connection, here is a cast of characters:

  • Leland Yee: Democrat State Senator from eighth district of California.
  • Keith Jackson: Political consultant and alleged partner in crime with Yee.
  • Brandon Jackson: Son of Keith, alleged accomplice in serious crimes.
  • Dr. LIM: Associate of both Yee and the elder Jackson; allegedly part of gun-trafficking scheme.
  • UCE 4599: Undercover FBI agent.
  • LIM’s nephew (unnamed): UCE 4599’s contact in the Philippines.

According to the affidavit, Keith Jackson contacted UCE 4599 on March 4, 2014 to set up a meeting with LIM to discuss Yee’s desire to find a new weapons supplier. At the meeting the next day, LIM was identified as the guy who would be the “point of contact in the United States for the weapons deal in the Philippines” and that a relative of LIM would be the contact in the Philippines.

Pascua then relayed an explosive account of what happened at the meeting:

“SENATOR YEE explained LIM was originally from the Mindanao region of the Philippines. According to Senator YEE, Mindanao was largely populated by Muslim rebel groups who were fighting the federal government. SENATOR YEE continued by saying the Muslim rebels had no problem “kidnapping individuals, killing individuals and extorting them for ransom.”

Did that mean that Yee was interested in profiting from assisting the Muslim rebels? It would seem so because Pascua alleged the following just prior to Yee’s arrival at the March 5th meeting:

“According to KEITH JACKSON, LIM was excited to meet UCE 4599. LIM’s associates in the Philippines were trying to overthrow the current government and needed money.”

Also at the meeting, UCE 4599 told Yee that $2 Million in cash would be used to pay for high-powered artillery that would then be “shipped to Sicily and then on to North Africa”. Weapons discussed between Yee and the special agent included “shoulder fire missiles or rockets” and “automatic weapons”.

Another meeting took place on March 11, 2014 at which Keith Jackson, Yee, and LIM were present with UCE 4599. An account of what happened at that meeting includes the following:

“LIM continued by saying a Captain in the Philippine military (not further identified) would provide the weapons to LIM’s nephew.”

Shockingly, the affidavit then relays that LIM told UCE 4599 that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) “are his friends”.

If this is all accurate, here is what this lone portion of the scandal involving Yee points to:

  • Muslim extremists in Mindanao, who Yee considers “friends” need money in their fight to overthrow the government.
  • A source in the Philippine military is willing to sell weapons to a source connected to Yee.
  • Money from the sale of those weapons would be used to fund the Muslim rebels.
  • The weapons would then be sold – presumably at a higher price – to Muslim rebels in North Africa.

Notwithstanding the claim attributed to Yee, on page 101 of the affidavit, that the Philippine government “was secretly funding some of the Muslim groups… to create a distraction (from)… government (corruption),” all of this points to a California state senator being involved in something akin to the notorious Operation Fast and Furious, a gun-running operation that put weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Evidence in that case implicates the highest levels of the U.S. Justice Department and the Obama administration.

Obama and Holder go together like Fast and Furious.

Obama and Holder go together like Fast and Furious.


As Breitbart’s Joel Pollak explains, the affidavit “reads like a crime thriller”. However, the hypocrisy of a gun control Democrat – coupled with his alleged willingness to profit from a gun trafficking operation that includes aiding Islamic terrorists – may help to explain motives of other politicians who advocate inexplicable policies in places like Syria.

Check out this news report on the unsealed affidavit from the CBS San Francisco affiliate. In this report, an excerpt of an interview with Yee recorded prior to his indictment, is played for viewers. Note how he invoked his family’s safety when arguing for gun control. Also, consider this excerpt pulled from page 100 of Pascua’s affidavit:

“SENATOR YEE said LIM was a “gun lover” and had no moral arguments of selling weapons.”

LIM was a business partner of Yee, who has been an avid gun control advocate as a politician.


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