Christians Must Bear Arms And Become Militant, Or Else They Will Be Eradicated

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

Palestinian Christians in Tel-Aviv, Israel, have gathered together to openly and boldly support Israel, and its protection of Christians, and to call out on the EU’S indifference toward the massacre of Christians. They also came to reveal the plan to eradicate Christians in the Middle East, and to declare that Christian’s have the right to bear arms.

A Christian cleric who led the procession proclaimed:

There is a systematic targeting against Christian, to eradicate the Middle East from Christians

A priest named Ghassan Abdo, who also led the rally, declared his support for Israel, and the right for Christians to bear arms:

That is why we are here, the Christians have a right to live. The Christians have a right to bear arms

These Christians are preaching a militant form of Christianity, which is what Christendom needs. Christendom has been poisoned and tainted, not with true and zealous faith, but with the heresy of indifferentism. Where the sword of St. Peter needs to be unsheathed, it has been thrown away; where the sword of justice needs to be executed, it is held in vain, and “where the revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil” is to be present, he is absent. The time will come when militant Christianity will be obligatory, a necessity. Here is the video showing the rally:

Here is a video showing the Armenian Christians who fled the recent massacre of Kessab in Syria, showing their lamentable plight and unendurable pain:

We are desperately working to save Christians in Syria. Please make a donation today, and you will save Christian lives in Syria.

Syrian Christian wearing necklaces of Holy Cross and sword

Syrian Christian wearing necklaces of Holy Cross and sword


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