The Man Who Will Oppose The Coming Islamic Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Entering the mindset of the Jihadist goes beyond seeing images of terrorism, death and mayhem, but it also includes diagrams of fanciful and complex puzzles on utopian ideas of Caliphate and the allegiance to this figure who will be declared The Mahdi who will ultimately, according to Islam rule the world. The scenario is not as if this figure will suddenly come up and Pop goes the Weasel, in Islam whomever the Mahdi is, he is recognized when he defeats an opposition force that attempts to thwart his rule.

So who leads such an opposition force? They call him The Sufiani.

According to Islamic annals, Sufiani will arise against him leading what is called “The Sufiani Army” and he will rule 9 months and appears from Syria 6 months prior to the appearance of the Mahdi. This is taught by both Sunni and Shia schools.


Currently the accusations go back and forth whom this will be and there are several candidates who are accused.

In other words, Islam predicts that different Muslim forces will arise against each other and the ultimate winner who takes all is the Mahdi.

So as western prophecy students are alarmed and ‘prophetically speaking’ excited at the unfolding events in Iraq, they need to tap their breaks and gain the patience of Muslims; we still have a decade or so before we can see how the ball settles and stops bouncing.

It is said that this “Sufiani” is Sheikh Al-Ar’our leading the Free Syrian Army in Syria since he is the non-official face of the anti-government movement in Syria. Adnan Al-Arour is quoted “we are the Sufiani Army” and he discourages Muslims from joining the ISIS (currently The Islamic Caliphate) movement in Iraq. That plus he has redness in his hair matching the description of Sufiani according to the prophecies.

(Photo of Al-Arour)

Another candidate for the Sufiani is king Abdullah of Jordan and another is Al-Qaeda and another are the Shiites.

Sufiani, the leader of the Mahdi opposition, according to the prophecies will be established in Damascus. He will cause much destruction to later be utterly destroyed when Damascus is completely destroyed and the Sufiani is ultimately killed by Mahdi in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

It is obvious that such demonic prophecies borrowed some truth from Isaiah 17, knowing that the destruction of Damascus is imminent. Islam’s borrowing from the true prophetic book, the Bible, is setting the Muslims up globally. The devil mixes truth with lies. The Muslim prophetic conundrums are set in a way to take advantage of  the masses deluding them regardless how the tables turns against them. In one way this “Sufiani Army” matches the ISIS, yet in other ways it will also match whoever opposes it and vise versa, in which there will be an ultimate Mahdi claimer.

While the accusations are being leveled on who this Sufiani is, that if the ISIS will be destroyed by a regional superpower like Turkey or Iran, which will give one of the two the lead claiming such fulfillment and the right to proclaiming themselves Mahdi.

The Muslim demonic prophecies are so convoluted and confusing that someone will retrofit the events to match the predictions. For example, Sufiani, the leader of this Sufiani Army is said to possibly have a cross on his neck and is non-Muslim. Such a prediction is set to make the West fit, especially if the West sees the disarray and says enough is enough. But since the West is not Muslim and cannot qualify for Mahdi, the Muslims would then need to fight and plot for a further fulfillment.

But the innovator of such prophecies is demonic and cannot accurately predict the future. For this, such prophecies are set in a way to take advantage regardless how the ball bounces. What if the new Caliph Al-Baghdadi is killed, will the Muslims who support him scatter in disbelief? No. In the Middle East, allegiances switch quickly. But such prophecies allow loopholes.

This is why it is crucial no one attempt to predict precisely how the unfolding events will be played out by simply studying Islamic prophecies. We need to understand the different groups who are currently competing on proclaiming who this Mahdi will be. They are already labeling each other on who is who and who will attempt to thwart the dawning of this new era.

What is clear by now is that the situation in Iraq is all about ushering the era of Mahdism and the last Caliph. When we first proclaimed our analysis, we were ridiculed. Half a decade ago, one so-called prophecy teacher named David Reagan who wrote a poor piece attacking God’s War on Terror said that our scenario is impossible because “The Sunnis strongly reject this concept [the Mahdi]”, “the concept of the Mahdi is one of the key elements in Islamic eschatology that separates the Shi’tes from the Sunnis.”

Today such western naivete  and poor analysis is the west’s pure ignorance of the east. If in doubt, just look at Iraq today and see how it was the Sunnis who are promoting Mahdism and Caliphate more than Shiites.

But the ignorance continues.