Stealth Jihadist says Caliphate a “Silly” Notion

Parvez Ahmed, the former national chairman of CAIR, a stealth jihadist organization masquerading as a civil rights group, is distancing himself from the claims of an Islamic caliphate by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). One of the many problems with Ahmed’s credibility on such a topic has been his undying defense of organizations that desire a caliphate.

Parvez Ahmed

Parvez Ahmed

Though he was quoted in a newspaper report, Ahmed’s past with CAIR is not mentioned and he was given a free pass by someone masquerading as a reporter (h/t JW). Of the notion of a caliphate, Ahmed said:

“It’s a silly utopian concept devoid of intellectual logic or jurisprudence… The vast majority of Muslims actually live in democracy and want to live in democracy.”

Those words do not comport with Ahmed’s consistent defense of groups like Hamas and the Holy Land Foundation, which was found guilty on all counts related to financing terrorism in 2008. Incidentally, that was the same year that Ahmed left CAIR, which was an unindicted co-conspirator in that trial. A common thread running through both of those entities (HLF now defunct) – as well as CAIR – is the desire for a caliphate.

In 2007, Ahmed expressed solidarity with HLF, saying:

“It is not the Holy Land Foundation that is under fire, but it is the entire American Muslim community is under fire.”

About 9/11, Ahmed once wrote:

“Muslims in America have been made the scapegoats in the witch hunt that ensued after 9/11. Our freedoms have been compromised by invoking fear and paranoia.”

Osama bin Laden desired a caliphate. Do those words not serve as a defense of that effort and would they not come out of the mouth of someone who uses defensiveness to hide stealth?

CAIR’s desire for a caliphate is also somewhat exemplified in the reporter’s decision not to identify Parvez for who he is. It would be awkward for a former national director of an organization that uses stealth to work toward a caliphate to call the idea “silly”, which is as good a reason as any to explain this key omission.

At a minimum, there should have been full disclosure.

One primary reason why al-Baghdadi is calling on Muslims world wide to join form a caliphate and Ahmed is not is that al-Baghdadi has taken his mask off. Ahmed still must wear suits and ties until the time is right. You don’t get to be the national director of CAIR if you’re not on board with the group’s long term agenda, which is… a caliphate.


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