Top Muslim Scholar who wants Caliphate says Caliphate In Iraq Is VOID because it doesn’t fit Ottoman Model

Sheikh Yususf al-Qaradawi, the top Sunni Muslim scholar and the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood stated that the caliphate declared by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is null and void under Sharia law since al-Baghdadi’s version of a caliphate doesn’t comport with the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.

“We look forward to the coming, as soon as possible, of the caliphate,” Qaradawi said, of the form of pan-Muslim government last seen under the Ottoman Empire.

“But the declaration issued by the Islamic State is void under Sharia and has dangerous consequences for the Sunnis in Iraq and for the revolt in Syria,” he added.

The Turkish based Ottoman Empire is something the Western media and leaders simply refuse to call attention to. Perhaps more noteworthy than al-Baghdadi’s declaration or even al-Qaradawi’s rebuke of that declaration is the admission by al-Qaradawi that the Muslim Brotherhood desires its resurrection.

Al-Qaradawi with then President of Egypt, Mohammed Mursi.

Al-Qaradawi with then President of Egypt, Mohammed Mursi.

This is something we have been maintaining for decades now.

Once one understands how prominent al-Qaradawi is within the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s much easier to see what the group’s plans are after this distinction.

To illustrate just how powerful al-Qaradawi  is, this photo – first revealed by – should do the trick. It is believed to have been taken in the mid-1990’s. Al-Qaradawi is on the left and the man seated on the floor, showing tremendous deference to al-Qaradawi, is Bassam Estwani, then Chairman of perhaps the most notorious mosque in the U.S. – Dar al-Hijrah. Estwani has curried favor with top U.S. politicians for years, to include then President Bill Clinton:

Qaradawi (L) and Estwani (seated on floor) at Dar al-Hijrah prior to 1999.

Qaradawi (L) and Estwani (seated on floor) at Dar al-Hijrah prior to 1999.

Consider that after the 2011 Egyptian revolution, it was al-Qaradawi who hijacked the stage at Tahrir Square to declare victory. The man who had become the face of the revolution but had to exit the stage in shame – Wael Ghonim – was the face of a revolution that was used by the Muslim Brotherhood. As reported at the time, al-Qaradawi was quoted as saying:

“Protect the revolution and don’t you dare let anyone steal it from you.”

In addition to the projectionist irony, that quote provides some insight as to why al-Qaradawi rejects al-Baghdadi’s proclamation.

Al-Qaradawi’s goal is the same as that of Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan; he wants an Ottoman Empire resurrected in the same place it was dismantled.

As first reported, al-Qaradawi espouses the Sunni version of taqiyya, otherwise known as Muruna. He has written extensively on the subject and until westerners understand this technique, they will fail to understand their enemies.


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