Behold The New Muslim Caliph Eyes Saudi Arabia For It’s Ultimate Destruction

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was on video openly rallying the adepts of the new Islamic state he had just pronounced in the largest city that his fighters had taken. Clad in black robes that invoked a distant, almost mythical phase of Islamic history, Baghdadi gave a half-hour sermon during Friday prayers in Mosul and led worship inside one of the most important Islamic sites in Iraq in open defiance of the US intelligence officials who have put a $10m bounty on his head.

In doing so, he laid down for the first time after the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate, a new Caliphate in Iraq.

What he mimicked was the first Caliph in Islam Abu Bakr who on the day following the meeting at Saqeefa Bani Salida, all the Muslims of Madina assembled in the Prophet’s mosque for Zuhr prayer, and for offering allegiance to Abu Bakr as the Caliph.

In a surprise, those present at the grand mosque in Mosul had no idea who would be preaching on Friday. But as the bearded figure made his entrance, he was introduced to them simply as “your new caliph Ibrahim”.

“I am not better than you or more virtuous than you,” Baghdadi says in the video. “If you see me on the right path, help me. If you see me on the wrong path, advise me and halt me. And obey me as far as I obey God.”

Everything, statements, attire, setting and message comes from the Inaugural address to the first Muslim Caliph Abu Bakr and is why Al-Baghdadi chose the name Abu Bakr and even used the same statements of the historic Abu Bakr:

“When all the Muslims, gathered in the mosque, had offered their allegiance to Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr rose to address them. After praising Allah and offering his tribute to the Holy Prophet of Islam, Abu Bakr addressed the congregation in the following terms: “O people, I swear by Allah that I never coveted the caliphate either by day or by night … Now, it is beyond doubt that I have been elected your Amir, although I am not better than you. Help me, if I am in the right; set me right if I am in the wrong …”

Al-Baghdadi’s choice of attire and language showed he was trying to liken himself to the earliest caliphs, especially those who ruled during the Abbasid period, a flourishing but brutal time in Islamic history. Al-Baghdadi in his sermon was relying heavily on verses from the Qur’an and the words of other caliphs, in particular Abu Bakr the first caliph, who led the Islamic world after the death of the prophet Muhammad.

All the worshippers had to perform Friday prayers and give allegiance to the new Caliph or face 50 lashes.

To understand this allegiance explained in detail how Islam coined the Sharia ruling of Mubaya’at or “Bay’at“, which is giving an allegiance to the Prince of the Faithful, which currently Al-Baghdadi, Da’ish’s leader pledged to establish the Caliphate (read here).

The besieged prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has constantly claimed to be making gains on the battlefields, but his forces are yet to claw back any of the losses to Isis.

Scholars in Baghdad say the fact that Baghdadi can trace his lineage back to the Muslim prophet gives him significant leverage under sharia law, making it difficult for any senior cleric to contest his legitimacy as an Islamic leader.

“He is trying to seize a moment,” said Hashimi, a scholar on Islam. “He truly does believe he is a man worthy of historical comparison. He has all the all the criteria and the conditions. He belongs to the family tree.”

Officials have attempted to suggest that Baghdadi is a deluded figure overcome by hubris. Some even suggested that he was the contemporary equivalent of a Jonestown cult leader, brainwashing followers into blindly following him in a nihilistic grab for power and influence.

However, the gains that Isis has made over two countries in such a short time suggest that its leadership is highly organised and efficient. “He is rational,” said Hashimi.

“He thinks very clearly about what he is doing. He is deeply ideological and committed.

“He is also very determined to make himself into the one true ruler of Sunni Islam.”

In Baghdad, the appearance of the video was met with alarm and curiosity in equal measure.

Azima Zahra, a resident of the capital, said Baghdadi’s image would give her nightmares for weeks.

“He is what I thought he would be: a cold, mean and cruel man who thinks he is a prophet,” she said. “He will lead us all to ruin.”

The gestures of support from Saudi Arabia primarily take the form of anonymous individuals holding placards declaring admiration for ISIS.


This photo was taken in the Kaaba area celebrating ISIS. The placard reads: “Greetings from the land of the two mosques to the lions of the two rivers [Tigris and Euphrates] for the liberation of Taji and Abu Ghraib prison; for the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham”.



Saudi Arabia is aware that its a main target of al-Baghdadi. Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz recently met with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt to obtain assistance in case of an attack on the kingdom.

And just this week, Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 troops to its border with Iraq.

The Caliphates army are well-armed and well-funded and has already seized control of most of western Iraq, is now effectively at the kingdom’s doorstep. Nearly half the 900km (560 mile) Saudi-Iraq border is with Iraq’s Anbar province where The Caliph’s army now is able to move its fighters around at will and officials fear that the attack on Saudi Arabia is only a matter of time.

The Harlot of Babylon, Saudi Arabia is realizing finally that funding the Syrian revolution created a curse, that the same Jihdist fighters in Syria are now about to terrorize Arabia.

Saudi is also a major source of support for ISIS. Since the latest offensive in Iraq, hashtags have overwhelming been originating from Saudi Arabia with 95 percent emanated from Saudi Arabia over the last week, by far eclipsing those from Iraq and Syria, where the ISIS is actually operating at present.

Saudi Arabia, the nation that allowed the Islamist boogeyman out of the box is now trying to shove it back in. After all it was Arabia—which Islam emanates from and its harlot religion is spread throughout the entire region. It was Arabia which produced Muhammad, Arabia’s prophet.

From a prophetic perspective, we see the impending destruction of Saudi Arabia. The kings stagger in their vomit as a drunkard not knowing what to do. takes the position that Revelation 17 referenced Arabia as a prostitute “Whore of Babylon”.

The Gate of the Kaaba (made of pure gold)

Bab-Illah (The Gate of Allah) is the Gate to the Ka’ba (made of pure gold)

In what is probably the least examined sources in Islam by westerners, that discusses the Ka’ba as Babel “The Gate to God,” or Bab-Illah in Arabic, and is mentioned in the highest authority in Islam, the Hadith:

“… the Kaaba is the house of God and God’s sanctuary is Bab-Illah (the gate to God), so when they went there, they stood by the door in supplication …”

Babel, the English pronunciation, and Bab-Illah are identical in meaning. The difference is simply in the accent.

This Bab-Illah (Babel) is also depicted as a woman in Islam, exactly as John stated in Revelation 17:3.

Even in Islam, the Hadith speaks of the destruction of the Kaaba by Muslims when the construction buildings in it would reach the hight of the mountains. This is how the Muslim enemies of Saudi Arabia views the buildings and the Tower which is one of the most grandure highest tower in the world. obtained their views from their own most reputable sources:

“I was taking reins Abdullah bin Amr’s animal when he said: “How will it be when you [Muslims] will tear down the house and not let one stone remain on another?” They asked: Will this be while we are still Muslim? He said: “Indeed, while you are Muslim,” Then what? He said: “Then it would be rebuilt better than it was before and when you see Mecca digging underground channels and constructing buildings above the tops of the mountains , know that it is near.”

The Arabic for digging the channels, is Bu’ijat Kathaim, which is interpreted as “wells dug in the ground in a patterm in which some of these tunnels interconnect with each other and the water is gathered to its end to spill on the surface of the earth. It is also said to be irrigation.”

Such declarations already circulate the Muslim world, that Muslims themselves will destroy Mecca as declared by the Islamic Hadith.

The lavish construction by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia is only infuriating Muslims globally. Saudi luxury has caused Muslims to turn on the Royal family since a kingdom is prohibited in Islam and is why Muslims are giving allegiance to the new Caliph from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia itself.

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