Palestinian Authority OPENLY Supporting Hamas Rocket Attacks on Israel

Hamas has launched rockets at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; it has even fired them at an Israeli nuclear facility in Dimona. In response, the facebook page of Fatah, belonging to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority (PA) expressed solidarity with Hamas relative to these attacks.

On the official Fatah (PA) facebook page Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Fatah’s armed wing were referred to as “brothers-in-arms,” united by “one God, one homeland, one enemy, one goal.”

As reported just two days ago, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki actually said the following when asked about the PA unity government with Hamas:

“We don’t believe that Hamas plays a role in the government.”

It’s obvious that the Obama administration is denying reality because acknowledging it would require a cut-off in funding to the PA. The problem here is that a unity government, coupled with an endorsement by the PA of Hamas attacks on major Israeli cities means that the Obama administration is aiding and abetting a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) that seeks the elimination of Israel.

As PMW points out, this stated position by Abbas’ Fatah should not be anything new. He’s expressed similar solidarity in the past. A main difference has been that when Hamas attacked, Abbas would tend to moderate. These latest developments demonstrate solidarity with Hamas as the latter is at its most aggressive.

Perhaps a distinction with only a minor difference can be seen in the video below from 2009. In it, Abbas expresses solidarity with Hamas while also saying he disapproves of launching rockets from Gaza, not because he opposes them on principle but because he didn’t think they were effective.

As to the position espoused by the likes of Psaki, calling for an end to rocket attacks – regardless of motive – could be spun to justify continued funding. However, the PA showing solidarity with a terrorist organization as it’s launching attacks on Israel cannot.


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