Palestinian Media Release Video Debunking The Claim that “Israelis Target Civilians in Gaza”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

The Palestinian National Agency aired a videoclip warning Gaza terrorists showing what to do when Israelis bomb their houses in the Gaza Strip telling the residents in the home to clear the house as soon as Israelis send a warning with a sound missile, that as soon as they hear the warning, they must flea the house.

Here, let me explain for all the idiots who believe that Israel desires to kill Palestinians. The Palestinian Agency explains:

“before bombing a [terrorist] home Israel sends a harmless small “rocket warning” [see 00:13] as a way to preserve the lives of civilians. This is the detection mechanism that an Israeli aircraft is marauding launches a small missile at the home to be destroyed, and then begins the countdown to allow for escape from harm and death to the home owners, as the rocket sends a message that the arrival of another danger far greater which allows for two minutes after the quite time, which was awarded to the home owner in the attached video of the bombing of [terrorist] Samir Nawfal. Just two minutes later the F16 aircraft destroys the house completely by two missiles [start 1:20 and 1:29]”.

But the warning issued by the Palestinian press in itself debunks (by their own admission) that Israel intentionally targets civilians for killing, especially since the Israelis in this case do not even target the terrorists, but simply wants to punish them by destroying their home, a thing we as Palestinians were used to from time immemorial, that if you participate in acts of terror, expect to loose your house and reside in a tent. Sounds like a great deal for the terrorists who target Jewish civilians to ensure death while the Israelis value life, even the terrorist’s.

Here, lets juxtapose this video to another video to see what Palestinians in Gaza do:

What you see here is not Disneyland fireworks, they are Qassam missiles sent to Israel with the cries of Allahu Akbar by the ‘poor’ Gaza citizens enjoying the scene as if it was fireworks.

Imagine if Mexico sent a thousand rockets a week at your city, what would you do? Here, take a look at the rocket attacks issued by Izzuddin Al-Qassam Brigade using M75 Qassam rockets against Tel Aviv and Haifa which they posted on video:

Here, take another look at Al-Quds Brigade showing off their homemade rockets called Buraq 100 and then showing how they launched it at the Israeli city of Natania:

On the one hand God Bless Israel for attempting to save lives, but on the other hand, some people need killing.