The Islamic Caliphate in Iraq gives Christians One Day to Leave Or Get Their Heads Chopped Off

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

As we have reported, the ISIS (Islamic Caliphate) gave Iraqi Christians in Mosul one day to leave or face death by beheading if they failed to follow two conditions, convert to Islam or pay the Jizziyeh Tax.

Currently, fear and terror has began to permeate the Christian community as the ISIS and their supporters began to attack Christians closing all churches as they raised their Muslim banners on top of churches and removed all the crosses.

Christians were ordered to leave the city within 24 hours beginning September 21. The order said it would allow “for Christians to evacuate themselves … only to later end on Saturday, September 21 at noon … After this deadline, there is nothing left between us and them, but the sword,” according to the statement.


In addition to what we also reported, the ISIS also began to tighten the grip on Christians recently ordering health institutions in the city of Mosul to fire hundreds of Christians who worked as doctors and nurses and were expelled from holding jobs in any public institutions. Most Christians have fled already but according to sources, there are 250 Christian families left behind unable to leave and face persecution or slaughter.

Accordingly, as reported yesterday, Christian homes in the Arab district of Mosul Iraq had their homes boarded with signs saying “Property of the Islamic State”. That including red spray paint with the Arabic letter “N” for Nusrani which stands for Nazarene (Christian).
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What is happening in Iraq is reminiscent to an impending holocaust and is what happened to the Jews in Germany before they were set for extinction.

In Islam Christians and Jews must wear identifiable clothing and live in a clearly marked house and must not build their houses in the neighborhood of Muslims. (See Sunan Abu Daud, Book 38, #4390).

If the Christians choose to pay Jizziyeh (Poll Tax) this would be in accordance to the infamous Omar Charter which declared that the Christians would have their necks bound with a collar stamped on it the amount of the payment and the collar is not to be broken until the payment is completed. This is in accordance to the Quranic verse ‘Until they pay the Jezzieh by an upper hand, may they be subjugated (humiliated)’. It also means that Christians would need to wear identifiable humiliating attire with a large pocket in the chest area like women. As for Christian women, they must wear shoes with different colors, one black and the other white.

Such treatment can easily be found in Muslim arts throughout history.


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