Get This Video Showing The Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) Stomping On The Palestinian Flag

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Who knows, someday the Palestinians would find Israel as their best friend especially when they see this video from the ISIS rejecting the idea of a Palestinian State. It should be an eye opener to all Palestinians if and when the Islamic Caliphate takes over. In this video, members of the ISIS found a pro-Palestine group raising the Palestinian flag and this is what they did to it:

“Whoever hung this flag does not desire to go to heaven but to spread tumult and dissension” says the ISIS terrorist. “We do not need a flag but the banner of No God but Allah,” he added.

“Are they gonna hang this flag amongst the Jihadists? Fear Allah” and then they stomped on the emblem of the Palestinian aspiration raising the black banner of the Caliphate saying, “our souls is to be only given to this” pointing to the black flag.