Liberal Law Professor defends Israel against ‘Racist’ Media

As far as liberals go, former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz can be counted among the more rational. In a radio interview he highlighted a point that is often missed. All the outrage over Palestinian deaths is inconsistent with the lack of outrage over other Muslim deaths that far outnumber the casualties in Gaza.

“Seven hundred people were killed in two days last week – there wasn’t a word about it in the media… But a few dozen Palestinians were killed and the body count was prominent…

And I think it is racism – implicit racism on the part of the media. And that is, when an Arab and Muslim kills another Arab and Muslim, it is not news. But when an Israeli Jew in self-defense kills an Arab Muslim, that becomes front-page news.”

Dershowitz is certainly spot-on but there is also another persecuted group that the media – save for the likes of Charles Krauthammer recently – ignores. That would be Christians. Again, this is a group that is being persecuted all across the Middle East. Yet, the media is laser-focused on blaming Israel for persecuted Palestinians in Gaza who actually owe that persecution to Hamas.


Earlier this year, reported on the discovery of human slaughterhouses in Syria run by Muslims. To Dershowitz’s point, the victims of those slaughterhouses were Muslims as well as Christians.

Those atrocities constituted a holocaust even more barbaric than Hitler’s gas chambers. Yet, the media remained silent then too (talk show host Mark Levin the lone exception).

The number of Palestinian deaths at the hands of Israel is so miniscule compared to the number of Muslim deaths at the hands of Muslims that there is only one explanation for the outrage; that explanation is anti-Semitism. just completed reporting on ISIS showing signs of targeting the Palestinians.

As has explained, Hamas is far more culpable in the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza than Israel.

Yet, Palestinians garner far more international media sympathy while Christians along with a much larger population of Muslims persecuted by Muslims are practically ignored. The persecution of Christians – just like Muslim persecution of Muslims outside of Gaza – far exceeds any of the deaths caused by Israel.


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