Thickheaded MSNBC Personality Defends Hamas

Despite being hit with truth and irrefutable facts, the firewall behind the forehead of MSNBC personality Joy Reid was as effective as the ‘Iron Dome’. Mark Regev, spokesman for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, would explain why the IDF is bombing a hospital and civilian neighborhood and Reid accused him of ‘filibustering’.

The irony is that by ignoring the culpability of Hamas in Palestinian deaths, television personalities actually put more Palestinian lives in danger. The human shield strategy employed by Hamas is proven effective every time the liberal media points the finger at Israel for civilian deaths. People like Reid reinforce that strategy.

Prior to interview with Regev, Reid went to a report by Ayman Mohyeldin, formerly of the Muslim Brotherhood’s media arm, Al-Jazeera who – as reported earlier this month – touted the claim by Hamas that it does not use human shields. After the interview with Regev, Reid went to Yousef Munayyer of the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center.

Notwithstanding attempts on the part of Reid to portray objectivity (there weren’t any), the exchange she had with Yousef Munayyer of the Jerusalem Funda and Palestine Center after her interview with Regev made clear where Reid stands. Perhaps even more shocking is Munayyer’s denial that Hamas is using human shields. He even goes so far as to call Israel ‘racist’ while referring to Mohyeldin’s championing Mohyeldin’s reporting.

At one point, Reid does bring up a UN finding that Hamas is firing rockets from civilian neighborhoods and asked Munayyer about it. Vexingly, Munayyer responds by saying we should all wait for the completion of an ‘independent investigation’. Those who’ve been following politics lately know that tactic well; it’s how you avoid bald-faced lies and distract people from the truth.

Reid did not challenge him or call him out for what he was doing – filibustering (something she accused Regev of doing when he was not).

Liberal media personality figures like Reid know they have to walk a fine line. In order to be effectively anti-Israel, they cannot focus attention on the atrocities being committee by Hamas. They also know they can’t outwardly support Hamas.

However, by not focusing on those atrocities, they are actually… supporting… Hamas. Recently, liberal Jewish comedian Jon Stewart came under fire for doing what Reid did. In particular, he attacked Israel for bombing civilian areas it warned people to evacuate. Stewart did not focus on Hamas. Instead, he hammered Israel.

When called on it, Stewart did a skit in which he maintained that just because he was critical of Israel does not mean he supports Hamas.

Yeah, Jon, it kinda does:

h/t Hot Air


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