Turkey Holding Thousands of Jews as Political Captives

If there is one world leader who despises Israel and what’s currently going on in Gaza, it’s Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. That is clearly 4000 Israeli citizens are stranded there. An FAA travel ban to Ben Gurion airport was recently lifted. However, Turkey is extending its ban for several more days.

Israelis yelled at Turks in Istanbul Ataturk Airport Thursday, after the US Federal Aviation Administration lifted its ban on flights to Tel Aviv, while Turkish Airlines extended its ban until July 31.

Placing nearly 4,000 stranded Israelis on outbound flights has been a challenge, no doubt aggravated by the fact that Turkey will not let El Al, Israel’s national airline, land at its airports, even to airlift out its citizens.

A fascinating dynamic was captured by the Jerusalem Post at the end of its article on the subject when it relayed a quote from a Jewish woman who was concerned about the additional cost associated with having to stay in Turkey:

Sitting on her luggage, furious, the Israeli woman said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should pay for it all.

“It’ll cost a fraction of this war of his,” she said.

Israel just never can catch a break, even from its own citizens sometimes.


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