Muslims Slaughter 32 Innocent People, Taking Their Victims And Hacking Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nigeria entered the state of Adamawa on Sunday, where both Christians and Muslims live, and did a bloody slaughter of about 32 people. Many of the victims were seized and hacked to death. Sodangi Kobe, a local resident in the area, revealed this sanguinary and most diabolical attack:

Some of the victims were hacked to death and some gunned down …They burnt our houses too… They had a free day. But for their own fear of civilian vigilante people, the carnage would have been more

A report from the Wall Street Journal describes the massacre as such:

Boko Haram militants killed 32 people in two northeastern Nigerian settlements Sunday, their latest move to purge the countryside of villagers who oppose them, two witnesses said.

Suspected insurgents from the Islamist terrorist group rode into the town of Hong, on the outskirts of Boko Haram’s zone of control, Sunday morning, shooting haphazardly into the village, resident Maina Hassan said. He counted 30 bodies.

A police spokesman confirmed the shootings by Boko Haram but declined to give further details of the number of people dead.

That night, more suspected Boko Haram fighters moved into the mixed Christian-Muslim town of Shafa, about an hour to the northwest. The men killed two residents who had recently fled the pro-government town of Damboa, according to Musa Ndahi, a local consumer goods trader .

“Everybody took to their heels,” Mr. Ndahi said. As the gunmen rode into the village, he added, they could be heard warning residents not to accommodate pro-military villagers.

Town by town, Boko Haram is clearing Nigeria’s northeast of villagers who oppose their campaign to remove Nigeria’s secular state. Nearly every day, a community is struck by attacks such as the two on Sunday, while Nigeria’s army remains outgunned and outmaneuvered.

The campaign is bearing strategic fruit: Much of Nigeria’s Borno state has fallen into control of Boko Haram, which has planted its black al Qaeda-inspired flag in villages across the region. The state is about the geographic size and population of Ireland.