Japan Will Be Building Its Own Fighter Jet To Become Militarily Independent Of America

By Theodore Shoebat

Japan will be building its own fighter jet in order to become more independent of the United States. It is said that by 2015 Japan will begin testing experimental engines, and stealth air-frame designs that can dodge radar systems, completely fit for a Japanese fighter.

Japan is planning to determine whether it will proceed with the plan by 2018. My prediction is that they will go foreword with the enterprise. This is obviously foreshadowed by the determination of Japan, both past and current, to be militarily independent of America, and also its increasing fanaticism for the so-called ‘glory day’ of imperial Japan, and its denial of past atrocities.

In the eighties Japan attempted to start building its own fighter jet, but the move was resisted by the US, and Japan was made to have a joint US-Japan development and production of the F-2.

But now Japan has been given more freedom by the US, on account of fears for China’s ascending power, to become more self-governing in regards to defense and demonstrating military strength and independence. This of course is evidenced by Shinzo Abe’s recent and unprecedented measure to allow Japan to partake in collective self-defense.

Just four years ago Japan began its so-called Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X (ATD-X) plane in order to test the project’s convenient capacity “by studying lightweight airframe designs and built-in missile-firing mechanisms,” as we read from one source.

By January Japan will begin testing experimental engines, and by April it will begin testing its stealth airframe designs. The building of the Japanese air fighter is estimated to cost US$4.8-7.7 billion.

All of these plans and signs indicate that Japan will be proceeding with this plan, and its all portending to a revived imperial Japan. When Japan becomes militarily independent, we will see its true colors. It will desire to crush China, and take control of East Asia. It will become an ally to Turkey, and an Ottoman-Japanese alliance will forge, to become the enemy of Christendom.

People may laugh at my warnings on Japan, but the same people would have laughed at us in our forewarnings on Islam before 9/11.



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