What Rand Paul Missed in Criticizing Hillary – HUMA!

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) took a lot of heat from Republicans and some conservatives over his comments about Hillary Clinton being a ‘war hawk’. The implication was that Paul was placing himself to the left of Hillary when it comes to a tough foreign policy in much the same way that his father Ron admitted to being left of Obama when it came to Iran.

That is a classic case of someone not knowing how right they are. A consequence is a single instead of a home run. For Paul to truly draw the contrast he’s looking for, he must do more than highlight Hillary’s support for the removal of dictators that leave vacuums filled by jihadists who persecute Christians.

He must also highlight that Hillary’s closest adviser – Huma Abedin – is intricately connected to the Muslim Brotherhood through her family as Shoebat.com has chronicled. As such, the Muslim Brotherhood agenda is actually being carried out by Hillary, quite possibly as a result of the influence Abedin has. That’s more than being a ‘war hawk’.

A perception that Rand is showing that he’s more aligned with his father on matters of foreign policy than previously thought has been taking hold for some time. It may or may not be valid but one area where the younger Paul has been rightly outspoken is on the issue of persecuted Christians, something Hillary has expressed no interest in. In fact, Hillary’s actions as Secretary of State have demonstrated an alliance with Christian persecutors.

Here is Rand speaking out in defense of persecuted Christians last year:


As Shoebat.com has reported, Rand continues to speak out on this issue.

This week, in defending his comments on Hillary, Rand said the following to Breitbart:

“Sometimes people are trying to say I don’t have enough concern for this. Well, actually, I have a great deal of concern—and not thinking through the consequences of intervention has caused Islamism and radical jihadist groups to proliferate. So I think Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein were both secular dictators who were awful, and did terrible things to their people, but at the same time were also enemies of the jihadists. Assad is the same way. What we’ve done in Libya, and now what we’re doing in Syria, is we have armed groups that are commingled with jihadists.”

Every word of that quote is factually accurate and it was Hillary more than any other Secretary of State who helped get America to this reality. The manifestation of Hillary’s efforts that the world is seeing today very much includes the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East.

That reality is precisely why Abedin never should have sniffed a security clearance or access to the Secretary of State. Regardless of her motives, her familial relationships should have precluded it. That they didn’t very well may have played a role in the state of the Middle East today.

Any knee-jerk reaction from those on the right who say that Paul is to the left of Hillary reflects ignorance on the issue. In their defense, Paul missed an opportunity to be less muddled by putting a much finer point on his argument and showing how educated he is on the issue of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration.

Those inclined to be overly critical of Rand Paul for his comments about Hillary would do well to remember that it was Rand who confronted Hillary more than any other Senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last year:


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