JUST CAME OUT: ISIS Warns The United States, By Beheading Unknown Victim In The Middle Of Town Square

The information center of the province of Nineveh ran by ISIS sent a message to the American-Kirdish Alliance in what they titled, “A letter with blood to the leaders of the American Kurdish Alliance” in which they displayed with red jumpsuits captives of the Pashmerga from Platoon 1, 47th Division Irbil, stating in the video the confession of one soldiers elevating ISIS saying that their fighters do not fear anyone.

Shoebat.com was the first to find the video.

Youtube has been taking this video down, in case they take this copy down too, here is the Liveleak version:

In the video the captives ask Masoud Barzani to break his alliance with the Americans and do not let the Americans interfere in the region, saying “Our souls are on you hands…”

And then on 2:50 the video transfers into the middle of a citysquare in which the execution one man proceeded in cold blood, telling `obama prior to the execution: “To the dog of the Romans, Obama, I have two messages for you, you fool, whom everyone obeys, how dare you plunge your military in the Iraqi basin, you have sent thousands of Americans as sacrificial offerings to the merchants of war and to the oil companies… Your war with Islam this time will destroy your state, by Allah’s will.”

“The second message,” as he pulls his knife, “is to the message of the Jews [Barzani], this is the destiny of one of your militiamen, and this is the destiny of the rest of the captives, if you do not stop your collaboration with the Jews, and retreat from your alliance with the Crusaders.”

Then he beheads him.

ISIS calls Obama “the dog of the Romans,” meaning that he is calling Obama an agent of the Vatican.