John McCain Admits he wanted to Support ISIS in Syria

During an appearance on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, Senator John McCain said that he wanted to support ISIS last year. Whether it was a freudian slip or not is almost academic; McCain did want to support ISIS last year while outwardly operating from the premise that he was supporting the FSA. With the passage of time, it is becoming obvious to more people that FSA and ISIS are interchangeable.

Pay close attention beginning at about the 4:00 mark. Though Greta appears willing to operate from the ‘FSA was moderate’ premise as well, she doesn’t stop McCain when the Senator makes the ironically stunning but truthful claim:

“Hillary Clinton has described already the meeting in the White House over two years ago. Everyone on the National Security team recommended arming ISIS. And the president, by himself, turned it down…

When it comes to the Middle East, few people have been more wrong than McCain. However, for once, he said something right, though inadvertently so:

At least Greta didn’t pull a George Stephanopolous and help her interviewee:


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