Lawsuit Naming Malik Obama as Defendant Cites Shoebat Research

Citing a violation of RICO Statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), a lawsuit has been filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Named defendants include Barack Obama, Malik Obama, Hillary Clinton and Hamas.



At issue is a claim by the plaintiffs – led by Larry Klayman – that the defendants committed “fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud,” etc. by funding Hamas, which is an officially designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). The suit alleges that President Obama has allowed the “apparent authority” of his brother Malik’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) to raise funds for Hamas.

Barack and Malik Obama being sued for financial support of Hamas.

Barack and Malik Obama being sued for financial support of Hamas.

The details of the complaint against Malik and the BHOF specifically can be found on pages 25-29 and cite the following previously published reports:

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The suit also references the photo of Malik Obama in Yemen in 2010 wearing a Hamas stole that calls for the elimination of Israel, as first revealed by

Moreover, the complainants do reference the favorable treatment received by BHOF from the IRS. One person who is not mentioned is Lois Lerner, who granted BHOF its 501(c)(3) status. Lerner, who is already been found in contempt of Congress is a key figure not only in the IRS scandal but in the Malik Obama scandal.

As has reported previously, introducing this dynamic into the IRS scandal would have untold consequences. In fact, at this very moment, House Speaker could order the Sergeant at Arms to put Lerner in jail for being found in contempt of Congress. The political will for such a move once the truth about the BHOF comes to light could actually force Boehner to do it.

Of the suit, one report reads:

Klayman states it is unknown whether the president has given Malik Obama permission to use his name but also said no effort has been made by the president to discourage the authority of Malik Obama to be raising funds under the name of the Barack H. Obama Foundation.

Klayman points out he could have run the Malik Obama Foundation but didn’t, thus he is leading people to believe his efforts are sanctioned by his brother, the president of the United States.

Malik received an IRS determination letter dated June 11, 2011, granting him retroactive tax-exempt status, but only after it became public he had been operating as a 501(c) 3 foundation since 2008 without ever applying to the IRS.

According to the complaint, “Defendant Malik Obama raises funding and other support both through the Barack H. Obama Foundation and through other organizations to facilitate violence, terrorism, and warfare carried out by HAMAS as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and by the Muslim Brotherhood generally.”

It should be noted that while Malik quite likely knew exactly what he was doing when he named his foundation, he has maintained that it was named after the father of both he and Barack – Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

An interesting angle to the case is that the plaintiffs seek to establish standing by having actually been in Israel when Hamas was firing rockets indiscriminately from Gaza. As such, anyone guilty of funding Hamas would have a hand in the deaths inflicted by Hamas.

While it is true as the old saying goes that, ‘a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich’ so too can anyone file a lawsuit; the important thing here is that an extremely explosive case is being introduced to the American public through different venues. In this regard, the likelihood of the plaintiffs winning is not nearly as newsworthy as the fact that the suit was filed, especially in light of how many people are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to avoid this most explosive scandal.

As reported, Cleta Mitchell – attorney for IRS victim and True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht – has shockingly also avoided contrasting the IRS treatment received by Malik Obama vs. that of her client.

The clock continues ticking on members of Congress like Rep. Mike Kelly who more than a year ago said the claims against Malik Obama are “spot on” but has yet to do anything about it. In fact, he completely avoided the issue when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen appeared before his committee.


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