Liberal Media Pundit Defends Ottoman Empire and Blames Europeans

Her name is Melissa Harris-Perry and lest there be any doubt she is insane, just give yourself 30 seconds to have it proven right before your eyes. However, you may have to watch it several times before you can actually grasp the absurdity of what she is saying.

Put simply, Harris-Perry is actually attempting to put some distance between ISIS and the neo-Ottomans who want a resurrection of the Ottoman Empire by blaming Europeans for what they did after winning World War I.

The truth is that ISIS is becoming a real burr under the saddle of leftists and the neo-Ottomans because they represent what a Caliphate would look like. Daylight must be placed between them and the neo-Ottomans of Turkey. That’s where Harris-Perry comes in.

Her argument appears to be that ISIS is distracting westerners from having a conversation about how mean and nasty the geopolitics of the post-World War I Europeans was by creating a climate for authoritarian rule. In short, she’s agitated that ISIS is taking criticism away from western civilization and putting it on the notion of an Islamic Caliphate.

To sum up Harris-Perry’s argument, forget about ISIS and don’t believe there are any similarities between its notion of a Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire as a Caliphate. ISIS is just distracting you from what you really need to be focusing on – those mean post-World War I Europeans.

h/t Right Scoop


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