Liberal Sitcom Actor Says ISIS just a Republican Ploy

If you’ve seen the sitcom Big Bang Theory, you’re probably familiar with a guy named Wil Wheaton who goes by his real name in the show. His character (which is actually himself) is a real conniving, manipulative and vindictive jerk. In a case of life imitates art imitating life, Weaton is a jerk in real, real life too. As Americans are being beheaded, he thinks Republicans are making a big deal out of nothing.


Via the Daily Caller:

Actor Wil Wheaton, star of “Deep Core,” sees ISIS — the terrorist army known for beheading people, including Americans, executing prisoners, raping and selling into sexual slavery the women they capture — as an election year ploy created by Republicans to scare voters.

The actor from “Neverland” declared on Twitter, “Republicans are spending a lot of effort trying to scare Americans about ISIS. Probably just a coincidence that there’s an election soon.”

There you have it, America, the most heavily armed and well-funded terrorist group the planet has ever known is simply a figment of Republican electioneering.

Here is Wheaton being a jerk (after all, he is playing himself):


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