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Dear Reader/Donor

First let me thank all those who support our work especially to the people WE KNOW who are not wealthy and live on a limited income who support freely and generously the work we do to save our brethren from both death and severe persecution. Many who call to donate tell us a little about their circumstances and it is moving to know the sacrifices you make to help your Christian brethren. I am sure that many of you also who donate online are not wealthy and make similar sacrifices. Let me also add that 99% of the financial support we get are from individuals and their families.

Luke 21: 1-4

And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

Over the past few months we have initiated a program, which we have named “Operation Pithem and Ramses”, like the Hebrews of the Bible who were enslaved to make bricks for the Pharaoh, Christians are amongst the enslaved in Pakistan, with over 20,000 families suffering brutal oppression, living in misery working in brick kilns making bricks just like the hebrews did in Egypt thousands of years ago. We have freed over a dozen families over the last few weeks and continue to do so with our goal over next year to free 500 more. The cost is only $600 per family; this money is used to pay for rent for one month, food, and immediate necessities. Our rescue teams pull these people from their tormentors which is dangerous work, take them to their new home and after they settle in we find them legitimate employment in a different part of the country. Since our goal is to save 40 families a month at $600 per rescue will cost $24,000 a month. To free all 20,000 families will cost twelve million dollars, the challenge is big but as more and more people learn about us we believe the donations will come.

Here is just one family our of dozens we have helped

In Iraq we have been working hard to set up a realistic plan to save and move people out of the country away from living in tents, unfinished buildings, schools (used as shelters) and other building not designed to be lived in. President Obama last night in his speech about his so called strategy to defeat and destroy ISIS stated he wished for Christians to remain in the Middle East but then stated it will take years to complete this task. Does the President of the United States expect people to live in tents for the next ten years? Does America expect people to suffer for years after our government has screwed up Iraq so badly?

The same ridiculous policies were used to advance the Palestinian cause, i.e. to keep refugees as refugees on the boarders of Israel and use them as political pawns. This time, it is the patriarchs and bishops of the Middle East expecting their flock to sit in refugee camps until America and it ‘s so called “coalition partners” defeat ISIS. The same patriarchs who told people to stay put in Iraq were the first to jump ship and leave their flock behind to suffer the attrocities of ISIS. Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) is in chaos. There are hundreds of thousands of people without shelter, medical care, as well as food, water etc. The need in terms of humanitarian aid is too enormous for we at Rescue Christians to make any significant impact. The other agencies that are doing what they can are also overwhelmed. So what we believe we need to do is move as many Iraqi Christian refugees out of Iraq and on to other countries. We have been working on this and have formulated and very innovative plan that with our current level of support (we get monthly) can move about 200 people a month ($70,000 in cost, $350 per person). We cannot give details of this plan for security reasons but it is realistic and very feasible. We plan to execute the first move of refugees sometime over the next 6-8 weeks and once we complete the first mission each week we will be moving people out of Iraq. If we can grow our donation base we intend to expand this program to move hundreds more a month but that will depend on our marketing and your generosity.

help use emigrate

Another program we are working on is to help Iraqi Christians escape; that is to work with the Australian authorities using our partners on the ground in Iraq. Australia has announced that it will grant visas to 4400 Iraqi Nationals for asylum purposes. The Visas are free and Australian government will even pay for the transport to Australia but there are two challenges to overcome. First there is a requirement to have a sponsor from Australia who will invite the family to the country, so if an Iraqi Christian has no friends or relatives in Australia they are out of luck. Secondly the applications need to be translated into three languages (Turkish, Arabic and English) this is not a major issue in itself but the government of Australia requires the translations to be done (or stamped approved) by a recognized translation company which costs (even with volume discount) $854 for a family of five and $484.00 for one person. So to process 200 families just for translation costs is $170,800 a very large amount. Some of the Iraqi families could pay something but most cannot. We also need Australian Christian families to offer their support by inviting a family so we can increase the number of families that can get to Australia. Even better, if Australian family sponsors could donate something (or their church) all the translation costs that would be an even bigger bonus. If any of our Australian readers, and we know we have thousands, wish to participate in the greatest rescue mission in history and can take a family or support one and help integrate them to Australian society please email me [email protected]. Please include your telephone number and what city in Australia you live in (this will make sure I do not call you in middle of your night’s sleep).

If anyone of our readers have not donated yet and would like to be a part of the greatest rescue mission in history please click here



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